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Six proven methods to attract customers via the website

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It is extremely important to take care of every detail when creating a website. The key element should be the so-called Calls-to-action (CTA) – encouraging to take action. The website is very often the place where the customer’s first contact with the company takes place. Make sure that your website has the right amount of “impulses” to take action – tailored to the needs of customers and their “readiness” to buy. Six CTAs are presented below, the use of which will surely improve obtaining contact information from visitors. 

# 1 Invitation to a contact A customer visiting a website should be able to contact the company quickly. It must therefore be guaranteed easy and transparent access to contact information. It is advisable to use such treatments as:

  • contact number on the home page
  • buttons like “welcome to contact” / “contact us” directing to the so-called “Landing page”
  • contact form on the page with the offer.

Especially recommended is the form through which you can obtain detailed information by asking the customer for the name, company e-mail, telephone number or number of employees in the company. A good solution will also be to place a space in the form for questions and doubts that the customer may have in relation to the presented offer.

# 2 Valuable downloadable content In order to attract the attention of customers, it is worth placing articles on the website that are a collection of interesting and useful information about the products or services you offer. Anyone wishing to access them will have to provide their contact details. Ideally, the published content is based on a content marketing strategy that involves the development of articles that provide many benefits for the reader. In exchange for the opportunity to obtain them, ask for contact details and thus gain information about potential customers. You can provide Internet users with access to several types of publications or to content only for a specific group of products or services. The choice is yours. You can experiment and see which solution is more effective. As the realities show, 

# 3 Chat about the product A great alternative for people who want to get information about the offer, but who are not yet ready to be contacted by phone, is the chat. It can be used especially in the case of websites presenting products or services, i.e. where the most questions appear. Chat may take the form of a “pop-up”, ie it appears only after the user has spent a certain amount of time on the site. Before using the chat, the customer will be asked to provide their first name, last name and email address. Only then will a connection be made with an advisor from whom he will be able to obtain information on an interesting topic. 

# 4 Thematic quizzes, benchmarks, surveys Quizzes, surveys, banchmarks or assessments posted on the website are an effective way to attract potential customers with the service or product offered (and at the same time an opportunity to obtain contact information from them). For example, a fitness company website might have a healthy eating quiz. After its completion, in addition to the result, the user receives a call-to-action in the form of “Find out more”. By choosing this option, it is transferred to the so-called “Landing page”, where they can receive valuable content related to the subject of the quiz. However, he will only get them after entering his e-mail address. 

# 5 Subscription option Subscription is an extremely popular tool for both websites and blogs. By providing your e-mail address, the user will receive regular information about new content that will appear on the subscribed site. They may concern the latest blog entries, current industry reports or other news related to the company and its offer. When placing a “subscription request” on a site, it is advisable to select a location where the downloadable material is useful. It is also important that the subscription form is in a visible place (e.g. in the upper right corner of the page). In addition, it should contain information on the privacy policy, as most users, when entering their e-mail, want to be sure that they will not receive spam by e-mail. 

# 6 Organizing contests Create your potential buyers a chance for a valuable win or even a symbolic one. Take advantage of the popularity of contests and you will find that they are a great way to gather contact information from potential customers. If you want to effectively advertise your company on social media, contests will be a bull’s eye. To do this, use buttons on your website that enable “social sparring”, thanks to which you can share content from your website. If you have a company account on Facebook, your fanpage is also a great place to promote the competition. It is worth remembering to seek legal advice at the planning stage. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the actions taken will be in accordance with the applicable standards. The above-mentioned elements are an effective way to increase the number of inquiries about the services provided and the products sold. Their use will be an excellent marketing investment, the positive results of which will be quickly visible. However, it is important to provide technically efficient and clearly operating tools for each of the above forms of encouraging the client to be active. Are there any other methods of getting contact information from potential customers? Feel free to share your views and ideas in the comments below.

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