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Page placement that works in Singapore

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Stay ahead of the competition on Google with SEO!

Page placement that works in Singapore. With our help, you can increase your sales. Our campaigns are entirely self-funded.

Web site search engine optimization. In our version, SEO optimization and successful website placement include much more than just being in the top ten Google search results.

We focus on converting and improving the Return on Investment (ROI) over time (ROI). Our website placement objective is to continually improve exposure on Google for all keywords relevant to your product.

Search engine optimization as a component of conversion optimization

Google offers a comprehensive set of search engine optimization services.

The offer’s search engine optimization

Using a large area

The greatest option for businesses looking to boost their exposure and revenue regardless of location.

Search engine optimization on the ground

Users looking for services and goods in a particular area are targeted.

The placement of shops

We boost sales in the internet shop effectively and 100% at a fantastic price.

Google’s filter has been removed.

We’ll figure out what’s wrong and repair it so your website can reclaim its Google rating.

SEO Audit for Free

You’ll learn a lot about how to improve the placement of your website.

Service search engine optimization audit

Do you have any experience with SEO? Examine the agency’s quality and the operations it carries out.


You gain more in terms of search engine optimization when you work with us.

We provide you with not just quantifiable search engine optimization impacts but also a variety of other advantages. We will also integrate high-quality content for the website as part of the placement and improve the conversion rate. In addition, throughout our training sessions, we provide all customers with the chance to get fundamental knowledge in internet marketing. Check out why our SEO package offers you more than you bargained for.

Take a look at what we’ve added to our SEO services package:


Marketing with content

On the website, we develop and distribute useful information. Optimized for SEO and customized to the recipients’ requirements.



Optimization of conversions

We eliminate any roadblocks on your client’s path to purchase or create a partnership.



Training is provided at no cost.

We share our expertise and provide free Internet marketing training to our customers.

Page optimization for SEO is a set of actions aimed at improving the page’s visibility in the Google search engine and attracting valuable visitors to convert them. While each page has unique requirements and optimization strategies, the most critical stages must not be overlooked. What actions will our specialists do for you in terms of internet search engine optimization? Check out our search engine optimization method and learn more about Google placement!


We’ll figure out what your prospective consumers want and create a list of keywords they may use to find your offer.


We’ll research and pay particular attention to keywords that lead to a request for information or purchase.


We will do technical optimization of the website, including examining its code, structure, content, performance, and other possible search engine visibility restrictions.


We’ll create a useful piece of content with key keywords that matter, and we’ll get high-quality links pointing to your site.

The procedure for getting a website ranked on Google.

Website placement is a complicated procedure that is customized for each customer based on their specific company requirements. On the other hand, individual phases of placement on the Internet may be distinguished and expected when working with us.

Analysis and planning

The most important step in establishing the assumptions for a successful website search engine optimization project. We begin our collaboration in the sphere of Google website placement by assessing the present state of your website, as well as other factors that will impact our campaign.

Only in this manner can we determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website to adapt the search engine positioning campaign’s tactics to the unique characteristics of your target audience.

We’ll perform a market study in your sector, look at the competitors, and create a consumer profile. Our experts will break down the whole procedure into separate search engine optimization phases. They will uncover intents and phrases that prospective consumers may utilize to access your offer, thanks to well-chosen website placement solutions. We’ll look at which of these resulted in a request for information or purchase.

The fundamentals of market research in your business, defining the target group and their requirements and expectations are all taken into consideration when placing sites on Google. We’ll create a profile of a prospective customer based on this information.

Phrase analysis – Using specialized technologies, we create a matrix of terms linked to your product and your clients’ requirements and intents throughout the linguistic profiling process. We assess the phrases based on their popularity, search patterns, and conversion value.

We look at the websites of your immediate rivals who are already in the top ten. As a result, we choose a starting point and work tirelessly to guarantee that your website is quickly positioned above your rivals.

Auditing and optimizing

Preparation of optimization suggestions for the company’s online placement. We’ll look at the technical aspects of your website, such as code, URLs, meta tags, a content organization in terms of creating theme silos, internal linking, navigation scheme, speed of operation, and other possible search engine visibility restrictions.

The foundation for future efforts inefficient online search engine optimization is purely technical and strategic work. Our specialists, who have done it hundreds of times before, are confident in their ability to provide efficient website optimization suggestions in terms of placement. This kind of work is usually included in SEO agency offerings.

Regardless of the kind of SEO you choose, you will get a set of conversion optimization suggestions for enhancing the operation and usability of your website. This will enable you to make more money from your advertising since most visitors will convert into consumers. The length of time it takes to position a website is determined by how well all suggestions are implemented.

The only dependable and efficient method to add phrases to a website is to expand its content with fresh texts that are designed for safe placement. Users benefit from the content, including high-quality descriptions of goods, categories, and expert and how-to articles.

The terms discovered using website placement tools are insufficient. Google ranks websites based on how helpful they are to visitors, which is why having original, engaging, and thorough content is so essential. Topics that are commonly searched for are implemented, teaching your prospective consumers.

Thematic consistency of the material is also essential. Therefore, we carry out an expansion based on the phrase matrix produced as part of the company’s Internet search engine optimization procedure, making it simpler for Google to identify your website’s subject.

Inbound marketing is one of the most important aspects of a successful Google website placement plan. This stage focuses on driving visitors to the website from thematically relevant portals. We take part in useful conversations on forums and blogs that pique people’s interest in your goods and services.

Social Media – We increase tour social media postings natural reach and increase your followers’ engagement

We will securely and reliably prepare an audit of the existing incoming link profile and create an effective and safe plan for its growth using professional search engine optimization tools. We vary the quantity, speed, and diversity of links we acquire, always ensuring that they are of good quality. The link’s content environment is thematically connected to the material to which it leads.

One of the most significant ranking criteria of the Google search engine algorithm is creating a quality inbound link profile as part of successful website placement.

We’ll assess the existing inbound link profile and develop a search engine optimization and growth plan that is effective and safe. We vary the quantity, speed, and diversity of links we acquire, always ensuring that they are of good quality. The link’s content environment is thematically connected to the material to which it leads. You may be certain that our specialists will acquire high-quality connections to your website naturally and securely, thereby boosting its popularity.

We don’t only worry about Google search engine users; we also care about your company’s visibility on social media, forums, and business directories. This approach has two advantages: it expands your user base and attracts important connections to your website.

Optimization and conversion

We are always looking for ways to improve our return on investment (ROI). This level of page placement in search engines is critical. We provide important conversion optimization services as part of our website SEO service.

We concentrate on improving conversion rates and progressively boosting the Return on Investment (ROI). We aim to create as many sales as possible given the constraints of our SEO campaigns’ budgets.

As part of conversion optimization, we adjust the website’s look, structure, and content and continuous updates to marketing efforts. The aim is to maximize the potential of website visitors and create as many conversions as possible via search engine placement.

Optimization and measurement

We are continuously improving the website search engine optimization process; we know what to do and how to do it, and we choose the finest methods. The SEO and search engine marketing industries are continuously evolving, much as Google’s algorithms do. Our job is to monitor these changes and respond appropriately, adjusting the successful website search engine optimization approach to current trends. We evaluate the possibilities for improving the exposure of websites on a regular basis and look for other ways to enhance search engine placement.

The benefit of SEO and website search engine optimization services is that the results are quantifiable – the increasing position of keywords and website visitors and the increasing number of conversions, i.e., inquiries or sales. We take care of frequent reporting of the efficacy of our operations from the beginning of our collaboration with the customer. The length of time it takes to position a website is determined by how the suggestions are implemented and the client’s industry.

We monitor, evaluate, make conclusions, and improve search engine optimization efforts regularly with one primary objective in mind: to continuously enhance the return on investment (ROI – Return On Investment).

How long does it take to position a website?
We examined several dozen websites that we optimized to see whether they met the following criteria:

How long does it take to position an internet store?
How long does Google website search engine optimization last?

One of the most often asked concerns from clients is how long they should wait for the first results of website placement in search engines. There is no one answer regarding how long SEO takes for a website. It is affected by a variety of variables, including not just the positioner’s expertise and effort and competition and changes to the Google algorithm, as well as the condition and quality of your website. However, after many years of Google website optimization, we have seen certain trends. We’ve chosen three example pages to help you learn how long it takes to properly position websites in Google and what factors influence job efficiency. To take their example, what characteristics of the website actually influence when SEO benefits would emerge, from a small business to a national shop. See which kind of page you are most familiar with and how long the SEO procedure for your website may take. Look at this article: How long does it take to position a website and a store?

What is the cost of website positioning?
Search engine optimization – expert pricing quotes
Our website search engine optimization efforts are neither costly nor cheap; they are mainly effective. We provide various pricing packages with varying scopes of activities and a number of especially essential words, i.e. those on which we lay the most focus in terms of boosting exposure.

Any CMS’s effective search engine placement
Examine how to position a website on various CMSs properly.

Our website search engine optimization service includes CMS system assistance. We provide expert search engine optimization for websites, regardless of the content management system (CMS) they use. We have significant expertise in optimizing websites using both the most popular CMSs and others that are less common and unique. Each CMS provides a unique set of options for our SEO professionals and website technical optimization specialists. Simultaneously, we are one of the International SEO Agency’s finest and most highly regarded companies national SEO Agency for efficient website placement on Facebook and Google.

According to builthwith.com, we have extensive expertise in website placement and optimization for the most common CMS systems.

Joomla \sDrupal \sSilverstripe
Blogger \sBitrix \sTypo3 \sWix
The most popular CMS systems that we position are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Our experience, on the other hand, enables us to effectively position any CMS system in Google, including Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, Laravel, Typo3, SiteCore, CMS Made Simple, Website x5, Apache Lenya, Batflat, Bitweaver, Concrete5, e107, Geeklog, MoziloCMS, MySource Matrix, Orchard Project, PHP-Fusion, PHP-Nuke, SilverStripe, Textpattern, Quick.CMS

Website enhancement
Website optimization is a critical component of internet placement. It enables you to enhance the website while keeping both Google robots and users in mind. You have a higher chance of getting shown on Google’s first page if your website is well-optimized. Increase the efficacy of your website with our expertise and knowledge in the area of website placement optimization.

Conversion optimization is already included in the cost of website placement!
We incorporate conversion optimization and a steady rise in the Return on Investment (ROI) ratio in our SEO service when executing website search engine optimization initiatives. Our aim is to create as many sales as possible while staying within the budget of our SEO campaigns for businesses.

We successfully increase sales. Our campaigns are self-sustaining.
We not only bring traffic to your website, but we also route it in such a manner that it is used as efficiently as possible, due to our expertise and experience in improving conversion rates, and thanks to Google placement.

The finest investment is in online search engine optimization.

Effective website placement on Google is a smart investment that is paid for with a set monthly subscription ( Check search engine optimization pricing list ). The SEO results improve with each month of the campaign: the number of relevant visitors to the website and the number of conversions steadily increase. As a result, with a set price for an SEO campaign, the average conversion cost decreases over time. Although you must wait for the results, good website placement on the Internet is one of the most lucrative internet marketing services in the long term.

Furthermore, if you abandon placement and optimization, the benefits do not vanish overnight. During the collaboration, you will get, among other things, technical optimization, comprehensive website content, optimization suggestions, and the creation of the incoming link profile. Adwords ads, on the other hand, although providing quick results, do not provide any long-term advantages.

How can the placement of websites on the Internet be checked?
It is reasonable to want to be certain that your website need website placement before paying for it. This is especially true if you have previously utilized Google search engine optimization services. First and foremost, before we do anything for you, we will perform an audit of your website to determine what activities will be required and the current state of your website. Discover what an SEO audit for a website entails.

How are you going to check it on your own? Make use of the available resources. We suggest utilizing tools such as: to evaluate the placement of the website, as well as its optimization, visibility, and terms.

How does SEO work for my benefit?
Don’t you know if it’s worth spending in situating the website? See how search engine optimization works and how it helps our customers’ business development:

Search engine optimization enhances website exposure in search results

This implies that your website is closer to the first page of search results each month and will eventually be on Google’s top 10 pages.

Search engine optimization improves the number of webpage visitors

When your website is already in the top ten of your search results due to its placement, we will ensure that the visibility is reflected in several visitors, e.g., by improving the search results in Google and various other actions as part of SEO optimization.

Optimization and search engine optimization boost sales and create profit

We have built visibility, got a traffic through the website, but this is not the end – it is time to take care of the return on investment; we analyze the efficiency of visits and we optimize the conversion rate, i.e. we do our utmost to ensure that people who visit your website make purchases or send inquiries without any problems.

You are waiting for a specialized team of SEO professionals
We are the only business on the market and assign to each company’s search engine optimization project a full team of specialists: SEO specialist, Webmaster, Link Profile Specialist, Content Marketer and Conversion Specialist.

Without a dedicated customer service specialist who monitors the SEO strategy, efficient communication between a team of professionals and your business will not be feasible. It will give you the information required about the actions carried out, provide reports, evaluate the effect of the campaign on your company and, along with you, identify further objectives for your site.

Wide search engine optimization Plus local placement
We have the most efficient wide search engine optimization in Google, which develops the reach, image, and distribution of the International user market and ket and provides cost-effective local search engine optimization for enterprises solely operating on the local market.

Are you interested in professional website placement in Silesia or, maybe, in Greater International SEO Agency? The popularity of local websites associated with a certain town comes from market size, service demand, and even confidence in local SEO campaign providers. Based on Google Keyword Planner data, we offer an average monthly search number (for 2016) for International SEO Agency’s biggest cities. Local SEO strategies may vary greatly in terms of competitiveness and popularity of the phrase,

Hit! We improve the conversion … in website search engine optimization prices.
We also add conversion optimization and progressive growth of the Return on Investment (ROI) relationship to our SEO offers while executing website search engine optimization initiatives.

Our aim is to create as many sales for businesses as feasible within the scope of our SEO efforts.

Therefore, our campaigns are not templates – everything we do is customized to your business and your customers. With an internet shop, we operate differently with a developer or an industrial business.

We are efficiently building sales. Our self-financing campaigns

Thanks to our know-how and expertise in improving the conversion rate, we not only transmit traffic to your website via the placement of your business on Google, but we mainly guide this so that it is used as efficiently as possible.

Everything with one aim – boosting your company profit. See more about optimizing conversion!
Questions often asked – Positioning of FAQ pages.
If you ask what SEO is, how it works, and what, and sequences of the actions, we are already hurrying! See the following commonly asked questions – SEO

  1. When am I going to notice the SEO effects?

The benefits of Google’s successful ads emerge slowly but steadily: from week to week. We get the optimum impact after approximately 4-6 months, and then progressively enhance it. The time to wait for the webpage to position varies on a number of variables, such as:

Domain Age and History (was it previously positioned)
Inbound connection profile technical structure of the company’s site content range (local, nationwide, online store)
the amount of very significant sentences

  1. Does the placement of the website provide assured results?

You may place the Website in the search results, but the sales outcomes also rely on numerous other variables. Since we can’t anticipate certain algorithm modifications, we can’t promise anything. However, we promise that we place ourselves in accordance with our best expertise and consider Google’s suggestions. Our customers’ success stories demonstrate the efficacy of our efforts.

  1. How to assess positioning effectiveness?

A properly positioned website may be seen in several sentences in Google’s Top 10, which SEO tools can verify, and website traffic is increasing continuously. We also evaluate the impacts on conversion websites – shopping and complicated queries, since they are genuine advantages and investment returns in Google ranking. SEO is one of the greatest ways to generate profit online. Therefore, your earnings from sales and the number of RFPs reflects the effectiveness of our SEO work.

  1. Positioning the website – how does it work?

Search engine optimization of the website is a multi-stage procedure. We start with an examination and a description of the strategy. Then we do technical website optimisation. After this, cyclical activity starts – website content optimization, including phrase selection and execution, internal links, and optimization outside the site. By improving the conversion rate, we also accomplish the efficacy of search engine optimization.

  1. How much does positioning of the search engine cost?

The price for the website placement varies according on the breadth, scope and objectives of the website. The costs of the placement of our website in our agency start at USD 1,300 net and vary depending on the package.

  1. What is SEO and what does it mean?

SEO is short for optimization of search engines and implies optimization of the search engines website. Technical actions and activities inside and outside the website are conducted as part of the optimization, enhancing the website’s worth in assessing the search engine algorithm. You may use SEOs for other search engines, but website positioning efforts in International SEO Agency are mostly focused on the criteria and standards of the Google search engine.

  1. Which SEO or PPC is better? What should I pick to begin with?

Both initiatives are designed to promote Google’s business. As a consequence of the SEO, the website is seen in organic search results – mostly as a conventional text result but also as video, graphics and the position zero in the snippets displayed.
The business advertising will thus be shown at the top of Google’s search results, but may also be shown in the form of text or graphics, depending on the kind of campaign, as ads on famous websites, apps, and youTube.
Both efforts enable the successful acquisition of customers. Long-term collaboration is essential for search engine optimization, and you have to wait a few to several months for the outcomes. The benefit of this collaboration is that sales may be increased while a set budget is maintained. On the other hand, when a Google Ads account is credited and the campaign is set correctly, the business will appear on Google even on the same day. However, improving campaign efficiency needs the budget to be increased as well.
It is a good idea to mix the two activities for the beginning. Google Ads will enable you to contact prospective consumers quickly and fill the gap that awaits the search engine optimization results. Both PPC and SEO efforts improve your chances of sales.

  1. Does SEO Worth Pay? Isn’t choosing other hobbies better?

Marketing on the Internet provides tremendous possibilities. We are specialized in placement, since it is the most efficient and lucrative way to acquire online sales. In addition, many of our customers utilize PPC ads in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Additional efforts are being undertaken in the area of content marketing. The selection of internet marketing activities should be based on testing, analysis and assessment of efficacy. No action may be regarded as ineffectual unless proved in its particular instance.

  1. How to position your website?

Do you want to learn SEO without hiring a professional? Independent website search engine optimization work takes more time and effort than maintaining a Facebook page, for example. If you don’t know how to position your website on Google and don’t have expertise in this field, it’s worth hiring a professional to handle it for you.

Are Google website rankings for everyone?

No, search engine optimization is a service geared towards generating revenue. Because effective website placement is costly, it should be linked to commercial objectives. SEO is a fantastic option for businesses, online shops, and service websites. Search engine optimization’s revenues will eventually outweigh its monthly costs. If you have a blog, it is worth performing some basic optimization and fixing mistakes that may affect your page’s visibility on Google. For new bloggers who don’t know how to monetize their blogs, Google placement and optimization may be out of reach.

Search engine optimization on the web – a fee or an

Our agency buys subscriptions. The client pays only after receiving the result stated in the contract. The agency’s goal is to provide an invoice as quickly as feasible. We know from experience that fast results in SEO are risky and do not result in long-term search engine optimization advantages. A set price ensures natural activities, which may take longer, but have long-term benefits. We take a long-term view on search engine optimization. Also, be wary of no-contract positions offered by freelancers.

  1. Do I need to adjust my website’s positioning?

Search engine optimization includes technical website optimization, content growth, and term saturation. These operations include editing the page’s content, layout, and code. Off-page activity would have to be curtailed if no website modifications were made. Such a narrow scope of operations will not deliver the desired results.

How about sans the phrases? I’m worried they’ll appear fake.

The goal of search engine optimization is to show up on Google for relevant business terms. For a search engine to connect a website with terms, they must be textual. Our copywriters are professionals that create writings with phrases while maintaining the natural tone of the content. They consider how the texts will influence the recipient’s perception of the website while producing content for website placement. Adding terms to your website content is an essential SEO strategy that works.

What is the impact of website search engine optimization on my business?

They get frequent updates. Regardless of reports, we periodically provide updates and call the guardian to discuss actions and outcomes. We don’t leave our customers in the dark or expect them to know complex technologies. The reports are easy to understand and do not need expert knowledge. If the client wishes to monitor his own development, our Google Analytics training will be useful.

  1. Will I be positioned? Are SEO agencies technically savvy?

The project team includes SEO experts, copywriters, and tutors. To execute their actions, you must accept the chosen keywords and make modifications to the website, content and, most importantly, implement optimization suggestions that address technical problems or changes in the website code. Many customers employ their IT experts to carry out these tasks. Thus technical knowledge is not required, just the ability to carry out continuous verification, efficient approval, and commissioning suggestions to their IT specialist.

  1. Do SEO meetings with an agency need SEO?

Our client contact sets us apart in the market. Search engine optimization doesn’t need meetings, but we make up for it with frequent phone calls. We have been effectively addressing all essential topics connected to the placement of your website online and by phone for years. We can schedule a meeting if you need it. Our client training sessions are a fantastic way to meet new people.

  1. Can I abandon placement if it isn’t for me?

Examine the notice period before signing a contract with an SEO firm. Some SEO companies still attempt to lock up clients with long-term contracts that are non-cancelable. We don’t employ such tactics since our work quality, client service, and efficiency are reasons to work for years. We have short notice periods and shall end our collaboration with you within the time stipulated in the contract.

  1. How to select positioning? Which is best for my company?

In terms of expenses, this is critical. Our services include local, broad, and retail placement. The activities, effort, and objectives of each type vary. Local placement targets local consumers and is excellent for tiny websites. Customers with large websites, significant rivalry, and a broad range of products and services may benefit from wide placement. Online shops need a different set of actions due to the huge number of subpages and content to be optimized. You don’t have to determine which group you belong to.

Is SEO contract-free possible?

Risky SEO without a contract. Unregistered freelancers often offer them. This partnership does not ensure a professional SEO implementation. Google search engine optimization should be left to experts, ideally established SEO firms with a solid client base.

What is the most efficient way to collaborate with an SEO agency?
You’re completely clueless when it comes to website placement and how to position your website. There’s nothing to worry about. There are professionals available to assist you with this job, and they will be delighted to do so. It’s vital to remember, though, that mutual collaboration is essential. Outsourcing the placement of your agency’s website allows you to focus on other duties while others are working on the website. If you are concerned about the outcome, this is not the case. Cooperation with the positioner enables him to tailor the approach to your specific requirements and much better outcomes. To make your website placement as successful as possible, you should consider the following:

I. Collaboration with the regulatory agency
Efforts were split into two categories: collaboration with the agency and extra activities that went beyond web search engine optimization. In collaboration with an agency, the primary focus is on putting the suggested changes into effect and maintaining effective communication. Your time and dedication are important, particularly at the outset of the collaboration, since the agency needs your approval before it can begin operations. Examine the areas where the agency needs your assistance.

The optimization suggestions are put into action.

Typically, working with an SEO firm starts with a consultation and assessment. Our website audit entails much more than simply checking for technical problems with the website. Your website’s saleability is also evaluated; we look for factors such as if it is user-friendly, whether it is simple to make a purchase or contact you. Consequently, several optimization suggestions for search engine optimization and conversion acquisition have been developed and tested. The implementation of suggestions is a critical stage in the whole process and should not be overlooked. Whatever the positioner decides to do after that, you may never get the desired outcomes if you do not make the suggested modifications on the page. The reason why consumers aren’t adopting optimization suggestions is unclear. It is possible that they do not know how to accomplish this. If you are experiencing a similar issue, seek the assistance of an IT expert or report it to your agency, which may be able to suggest someone. Do not, on the other hand, put the suggestions in a drawer.

b) The approach for search engine optimization is accepted by the organization.

Although the agency develops a search engine optimization plan for your firm, it does not understand the details of your business as well as you do. This is the next stage, and it will need your whole dedication. Various agencies use various methods. They provide an action plan for inspection, schedule a meeting, and arrange a telephone conversation during which we debate and approve the presented strategy. Taking a look at the plan and adopting it “for the sake of peace” is not the goal. In this stage, the efficacy of subsequent activities is critically dependent on the results of the previous stage. So set aside some time to thoroughly examine the agency’s plan and, if necessary, to add your own comments and changes.

c) Verification of the list of keywords that have been placed

Depending on what the agency recommends, you should get a list including a certain number of search engine optimization phrases. You should consider both the qualities of the words and their utility in gaining a client when determining whether to accept them. The individual who chooses the words does competition research and utilizes various phrase lookup tools, but they are not experts in your field. It is possible that the tools may propose a term that does not fit your offer, in which case we will rely on your assistance. Examine the phrases and determine whether or not they include any useful information. Regarding business, it is also important to determine if the words relate to key goods and services. If the term refers to a product that the company wishes to retire or a service with a poor profit margin, we will make the necessary changes, but your cooperation is also required.

d) Consent to modifications to the website to improve Google ranking

Modifications to your website’s look may be required to position your website. The majority of the time, this is done by adding text boxes. Because content is one of the SEO pillars, if your website is only comprised of visuals, you can expect to see adjustments. The SEO expert will almost certainly recommend a remedy that keeps the page’s natural flow intact, such as moving the content farther down the page’s hierarchy. It will not, however, take any action without your permission. This is another instance in which your contribution, no matter how small, is required to keep the job continuing.

Optimization suggestions for conversion rate optimization are implemented.

It is possible that optimizing your conversion rate may be included in a search engine optimization offer, but this is not typical. If you are already fortunate and the SEO agency, in addition to making technical optimization suggestions, also informs you what you can alter on the website to make the lives of consumers simpler – put that information to good use. However, we are well aware that these little suggestions from us are often overlooked and undervalued. Perhaps you’ll be given a list of little adjustments, but they make a significant impact when all of them are applied together.

II. Activities that take place in conjunction with a website’s placement
Search engine optimization of your website does not solve all of your problems. In addition to investing in website placement in search engines, you must also consider other elements of the website’s sales, such as its popularity on social media platforms such as Facebook. What exactly are these pursuits?

a) Maintaining a corporate blog

There are many advantages to having a blog on your company’s website or online shop. First and foremost, a blog is a platform for developing relationships with readers (not customers yet). The only requirement is that the material be useful; this is a platform for sharing knowledge rather than selling. The supply of excellent material that is rich in long-tail terms is a distinct advantage that is especially significant from a search engine optimization standpoint. It is the blog that will enable the website to be found on Google for guidance terms and words entered by individuals who are not familiar with the offer in question. The agency may assist you in running your blog by producing a list of long-tail keywords that you can employ or by developing material using your substantive support as a foundation.

b) Increasing the value of the offer

We can place your website in the top ten search results and increase visitors from prospective clients. However, a variety of variables will influence whether or not they eventually take advantage of your offer. Customers will compare you to your competitors, so make certain that you do the following:

You have an appealing offer – goods and services that consumers need that are presented in a manner that encourages them to purchase (big, attractive photographs, essential information in the description, the language of advantages, etc.).
You have reasonable pricing – this does not imply that we urge you to compete on price. Still, if the same product is available at a cheaper price on the same conditions in a dozen other shops, there is a tiny probability that the consumer will pick you. You have reasonable prices.
You don’t ask too much of your customers – how many steps does the customer have to go through to purchase something from you, will he be able to find the desired product easily, or will he be required to fill out a lengthy form before making a purchase? In a nutshell, determine if the customer’s participation in your offer is completely voluntary.
Your website is user-friendly – a well-designed and functioning website is important not just for its aesthetics but also for its reliability and image. When it comes to the sales process, an amateurish logo may seem to be a non-issue. However, through the lens of such trifles, the customer determines whether or not he wants to spend his money in this online shop or with this contractor.
d) The provision of customer service

Consider the following scenario: you have a beautiful website that ranks in the top 10 of Google and a fantastic offer, but… your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. You don’t respond to e-mails, and phone communication isn’t an option for you, either? What if you can’t keep up with the order processing? TThis influences the purchasing decision Building a loyal customer base is aided by providing excellent pre-and post-sale service. Examine how your workers interact with clients if you are required to wait an excessive amount of time for an order and whether the services supplied are of the greatest quality.

d) A picture on the internet

Online customer feedback is very essential throughout the buying process. It’s simple to get unfavorable views, but it’s more difficult to obtain good ones. This system, which will remind consumers about providing feedback in the most convenient manner, is worthwhile to adopt. Consider the case of portals such as Booking.com, which would be less effective if they did not have user reviews. If the site was not actively soliciting user input, it would not be seen as trustworthy. Following each visit, we get an e-mail inquiring as to our impressions of the establishment. The questionnaire is designed so that it requires the respondent to spend as little time as possible to provide an opinion. Google operates in a similar manner. If you are using Android, you are more than likely to be questioned about your visiting location (restaurants, service outlets, shops, and even institutions). If you want to be inspired by this approach, nothing will stand in your way. You may also encourage consumers to write a review if they are pleased. It is also worth noting that opinions have lately been referred to as additional ranking element, resulting in a twofold advantage for users.

g) Recommendations and case studies of success

Stories of collaboration are more than just views. As long as you can explain the process of delivering a service for a particular customer, including difficulties, consequences, and even precise numbers, you are offering an even stronger argument for another client to select you. Providing specific figures is very helpful. Trying to come up with something to do? Take a look at how we explain our success stories.

As you can see, when it comes to Google’s placement, your assistance is very beneficial. SEO requires collaboration. There will almost certainly be some who will take over the task completely and will not ask any questions, but… are you certain that they will perform to the standards required by your company? We emphasize close collaboration with our clients since technical expertise alone is insufficient when developing a search engine optimization strategy. A strong understanding of the industry, your clients, and, most importantly, your own company is also required of you. Finally, putting all of the suggestions and recommendations from an SEO firm into action will take time and effort, but it will pay off in the form of noticeable results.

How is the efficacy of the online placement of the business measured? Learn about methods and tools.
Does the success of Google’s placement always include a rising number of visitors or a big number of keywords in the top 10? SEO is a procedure that is more complex. Measuring the placement of the website should take into consideration of the company’s sales and commercial objectives. However, on the road to sales, we have a variety of additional indicators of good online placement. How can the efficacy of placement be measured at each step of activity? See how you can evaluate SEO results by utilizing common tools!

Visibility of Google terms
One of the most apparent SEO impacts is the website presence on Google. In the beginning, though, visibility increases will impact promotions on distant search results pages. It would thus be impossible to verify this physically. We will monitor how many keywords the website is visible on Google and how visibility grows with time (or decreases if the activities are carried out ineffectively) with the necessary tools.

To evaluate visibility, International user Senuto and SEMSTORM tools may be used. For the examination of International user websites, we suggest both. We will see how many terms the website may be shown in the top ten and the top three. We also study the most popular sentences and compare the site with the contest. What are the data from these instruments?

The tools above enable you to evaluate if the website visibility increases. This is particularly relevant at the start of the search engine optimization process when the website appears at most in the top 10 for terms containing the business name or brand name.

Is it ever so colorful? After all, given the tools, you can infer that there is no increase in visibility. The positioner should then modify the approach. Maybe he selected keywords too ambitiously or did not take a great deal of competition into consideration. Often, the lack of visible changes results from unintentional modifications on the website that the positioner suggested. Then you should do it as quickly as possible, which translates into visibility and better outcomes for website placement.

Traffic measurement on the webpage

The first “concrete” impact of placement is undoubtedly to boost traffic on the website. It may be examined through Google Analytics, and data such as pages, sessions, and users can be checked. Google analytics should be used, and the increasing traffic on the website should be compared with the number of conversions and the source of visits.

Here, it is essential to verify whether traffic originates from the organic results of Google. Especially if there are additional initiatives outside search engine optimization – PPC, social media, etc., we presume that the search engine optimization impact increases traffic on the organic channel. Still, it is also partly apparent via reference and direct channels.

With regard to the visibility point of the page, it is important to note that visitors will not show instantly. Don’t know when to anticipate them? When to expect them? See our post on how long it takes to place the page.

Page CTR on Google

The ratio of clicks to impressions should be analyzed using the Google Search Console tool. CTR indicates whether the search results’ description and title encourage visitors to visit. Whether we have a high number of views and a low number of clicks, it should be considered if the meta title and optimization of the description consider the placement and user requirements.

The objective is not only to show on Google, but above all to entice a client. If we have previously been included in the search results, let us utilize this chance to encourage the user to come and learn about the search.

Quality of website visitors

You may be pleased with the increasing traffic to your website after several months of search engine optimization. The volume alone, however, does not help your company. Analyze the quality of visitors, i.e., if they contribute to sales growth. Google Analytics will also be helpful in this situation.

You can observe from which channel converts come in the Google Analytics conversions report. Note, the Top Conversion Paths report is best used for a full view of the issue. If we used the objective conversion report, we would discover the channel from which visitors were converted.

However, numerous prior visits can complicate and lengthen the user’s route to conversion. So it is just as essential where it originally originated from. This is what we will discover by examining the most common routes. We may observe, for example, a scenario where the initial visit comes from a positioning and the final visit comes from a transformation, such as remarketing.

It is important investing in all the channels, which do not just convert one into the most popular routes.

Visits to subpages that play a part in the sales process are also worth monitoring, for example, page offers, pages with contact information, the company’s address page, pricing page etc. For stationery companies, we don’t track conversions online, but we examine the quantity of amount of individuals who saw the offer, compare it with shop visits or showrooms, and the number of client calls.

What else may be measured in placement?

The following list is for website owners and administrators how to measure SEO. To whom you also belong, this group wants to discover how and if search engine optimization helps to grow company. However, along the road, we, the Agency, are looking at many additional factors to evaluate the efficacy of placement, for example:

Inbound profile of links – we verify it in Ahrefs indexing and visibility of Google content duplication subpages – tools are used for this purpose, try among other things Visibility of Sitelinera versus competition: we examine whether additional sentences are to be included in SEO, we evaluate the competition using tools: Senuto, SEMSTORM, Ahrefs, Surfer SEO.

The consumer who utilizes this service should comprise a visibility, visits and sales analysis of the page. There will be tools and professional expertise at all levels. Our reports are always concluded. In particular, it is preferable to examine actions rather than consequences from the start. So in the first several months, examine what the agency did for your website.

How to rapidly assess and evaluate the performance of an SEO/SEM agency?

Agency uneven agency. The search engine optimization of websites may entail quite diverse actions, so that the results may also vary greatly. How is the SEO agency’s work evaluated and controlled to make sure everything goes in the correct direction?

We have previously posed on our blog queries to an SEO service before we decide to collaborate. In this post, we will examine how to verify the actions of an SEO firm. Whether you’ve been with a single agency for a month or ten years, you’re going to learn how to look, how to evaluate your work and how to change your SEO agency on your website.

How the Google search engine and algorithm work

Why do you see these pages in Google search results and not others? Google’s goal is to provide its users with valuable and tailored content. This is possible thanks to more and more perfect algorithms that understand the content and goals of the website . Learn the most important aspects of Google’s operation and find out why website search engine optimization plays a big role in reaching the top 10.

How to add a page to Google?

Publishing a page on the internet does not automatically make it available on Google. There is so much content on the Internet that the mere creation of a website without additional promotion is of little value today. The path from publishing your page to reaching your audience on Google can be divided into several areas:

  • crawling
  • indexing
  • positioning

First, the website must be accessible to Google robots. Crawling is the process by which Google sends its crawlers to a website to learn its content. It is worth knowing that sometimes, unknowingly, especially in the case of websites on WordPress, we disable the consent to visit robots on the website. Thus, the chances that the website will be displayed on Google are practically zero. However, there are cases when we intentionally block selected subpages of the website from robots. Still, these are special cases and most of the pages should be available for Google robots.

As a result of crawling, robots index the page, i.e., add it to Google search results. This does not mean that the page will be automatically displayed in the top 10. For example, it may be visible in Google on the 30th or 130th page of the search results. Why would the algorithm display the new site on the first page of search results? You have to fight for a place at the top of Google.

Indexing is a process that takes place without our participation. We can improve it, e.g., by preparing a site map, but if we do nothing, sooner or later the page will be indexed. We can track progress in the Google Search Console in the crawl status report. If Google notices any obstacles in indexing or errors, we will also find information there. Without proper indexing of the page, there is no point in performing search engine optimization.

What is SERP?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page and stands for Google Search Results. The appearance of search results in recent years has undergone a revolution. From 10 text-based results and ads, the search results transformed into a board with answers, graphics, and videos. Let’s analyze the appearance of the search results:

In the Google search results, we can see:

  • up to 10 free text search results – this number may change if, apart from text results, there are also videos or featured snippets
  • paid search results – Google Ads ads in the form of text or in the form of Google Shopping, i.e. photos of products with prices, a short description and a link directly to the product in the store
  • featured snippets – search results in the form of ready answers at the top of the page or on the right side of the SERP; usually they are in the form of a text fragment taken from the page, which is a ready answer for a Google user, e.g. recipe, information, short definition
  • local pack – search results for places related to the selected location along with their marking on the map

It is worth noting that the classic text search results have also changed, and today, we can find their rich versions. Thanks to using the schema code, we can see the rating in the form of stars, access in the warehouse, price, etc. There are also test results with additional content, eg in the form of drop-down questions and answers.

Effective page search engine optimization increases your sales with us. Our campaigns are self-financing.

Positioning of websites

SEO optimization and effective website positioning in our edition are much more than reaching the top 10 Google search results.

We are focused on converting and successively increasing the Return on Investment (ROI). Our goal in website positioning is to constantly increase visibility on Google for all phrases related to your offer.

The key stage of defining the assumptions of the effective website search engine optimization project. We start cooperation in the field of website search engine optimization on Google by examining the current condition of your website, as well as other areas that will affect our campaign.

Only in this way can we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website to match the strategies of the search engine positioning campaign to the specificity of your audience.

We will conduct a market analysis in your industry, examine the competition, and build a potential customer profile. Our analysts will divide the entire process into individual stages of search engine optimization. Thanks to appropriately selected website search engine optimization tools, they will discover intentions and phrases that potential customers can use to reach your offer. We will investigate which of them lead to an inquiry or purchase.

  • Industry analysis – positioning pages on Google also takes into account the basics such as market analysis in your industry, identifying the target group and its needs and expectations. On this basis, we will build a profile of a potential client.
  • Phrase analysis – in the process of linguistic profiling with the use of dedicated tools, we build a matrix of keywords related to your offer and the needs and intentions of your customers. We evaluate the phrases in terms of popularity, search trends and the value for conversion.
  • Competition analysis – we check the websites of your direct competitors, which are already in the top 10. Thanks to this, we choose a starting point and we do everything to ensure that your website is soon placed in a higher position than those of your competitors.

We are constantly increasing the Profit on Investment (ROI). This stage of positioning pages in the search engine is extremely important. As part of the website SEO service, you receive a valuable conversion optimization service from us.

We focus on optimizing conversions and gradually increasing the Return on Investment (ROI). Our goal is to generate as much sales as possible within the budget of our SEO campaigns.

As part of conversion optimization, we make changes to the website’s appearance, structure, content, and ongoing modifications in marketing campaigns. The goal is to use the potential of the traffic to the website and generate as many conversions as possible thanks to search engine optimization in search engines.

We constantly improve the website positioning process, we know what and how and choose the best strategies. Just as Google is constantly developing its algorithms, so is the SEO and search engine marketing industry. Our task is to follow these changes and react accordingly, adapting effective website search engine optimization to the current trends. We periodically examine the possibilities of increasing the visibility of websites and check how else you can improve search engine optimization in search engines.

The advantage of SEO and website search engine optimization services are measurable effects – the growing position of keywords and website visits and the growing number of conversions, i.e., inquiries or purchases. From the beginning of cooperation with the client, we take care of regular reporting of the effectiveness of our activities. How long website positioning takes depends on the speed of implementing the recommendations and the client’s industry.

We monitor, analyze, draw conclusions and periodically optimize the positioning campaigns carried out with one main goal: to constantly increase the profit on investment (ROI – Return On Investment).

How long does website positioning take

We analyzed several dozen websites that we optimized to check:

  • how long does online store positioning take
  • how long does website positioning on Google last

The question of how long to wait for the first results of website search engine optimization in search engines is one of the most common questions from customers. There is no single answer to how long a website’s SEO takes. It is influenced by many factors – the knowledge and work of the positioner and competition and changes to the Google algorithm and the condition and quality of your website. However, after several years of website optimization on Google, we notice some patterns. To make it easier for you to understand how long effective positioning of websites on Google takes, see which type of website you identify with and how long the SEO process for your website can take. Check out our article: How long does website and store search engine optimization take? And what variables affect work efficiency? We have selected 3 sample pages. From a local website to a nationwide store, use their example to describe what website features really affect when SEO effects will appear.

Effective positioning of websites on Google paid following a fixed monthly subscription ( Check search engine optimization price list ) is like a good investment. With each successive month of the SEO campaign, the SEO results are getting better: the number of relevant visits to the website and the number of conversions are gradually increasing. Thus, with a fixed fee for an SEO campaign, the average cost of conversion is lower and lower over time. Although you have to wait for the results, effective search engine optimization of websites on the Internet in the long run is one of the most profitable internet marketing services.

What’s more, if you give up search engine optimization and optimization, the results are not lost overnight. During the cooperation, you receive technical optimization, extensive content for the website, optimization tips, and the development of the profile of incoming links. The opposite are Adwords campaigns which, although they bring immediate results, do not leave any benefits after pause.

See what the trainings for the agency’s clients look like

Internet Marketing Training? Our clients get them included in the price!

Effective search engine optimization of websites on Google is not enough. In our opinion, customers should consciously use internet marketing services. Concepts, charts, marketing strategies … In order for internet marketing to become an effective tool in your hands, we have prepared a series of training “Eye to eye with Internet marketing”. The market price of the training is USD 1000, but our clients use the training completely for free as part of cooperation.

Isn’t that another reason to entrust us with the positioning of your website or store?

Hit! We optimize the conversion … in the price of website positioning

Wen campaigns, we also include conversion optimization and gradual increase of the Return on Investment (ROI) ratio t when implementing website search engine optimization campaign so our SEO offer.

Our goal is to generate as many sales as possible within the budget of our SEO campaigns for companies.

Therefore, our campaigns are not a template activity – everything we do is tailored to your company and your clients. We work differently with an online store, differently with a developer or an industrial company.

We build sales effectively. Our campaigns are self-financing

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in optimizing the conversion rate, thanks to the positioning of the company on Google, we not only get traffic to your website, but most of all, we direct it in such a way as to use it as effectively as possible.

All with one goal – increasing profit for your business.

Measurement of traffic on the website

Undoubtedly, the first “tangible” effect of search engine optimization will increase traffic on the website. It can be analyzed using Google Analytics, checking statistics such as page views, sessions and users. It is worth taking advantage of Google Analytics and comparing the growing traffic on the website with the number of conversions and the source of visits.

Here, it is important to check if the traffic comes from Google’s organic results. Especially if, apart from positioning, there are other campaigns – PPC, social media, etc. We assume that search engine optimization is an increase in traffic from the organic channel, but it is also partially visible in referral and direct channels.

Regarding the point of page visibility, it is worth bearing in mind that visits will not appear immediately. Don’t know when to expect them? See our article on how long page search engine optimization takes.

CTR of the page on Google

It is worth analyzing the ratio of clicks to impressions using the Google Search Console tool. CTR shows if the description and title of the page in the search results motivate users to visit. If we have a large number of views and a deficient number of clicks, it is worth considering whether the meta title and description optimization taking into account search not only engine optimization but also the user’s needs.

The goal is not only to display on Google, but most of all to attract a customer. If we have already appeared in the search results, let’s use this opportunity to motivate the user to visit and learn about the offer.

Quality of visits to the website

After many months of search engine optimization, you can be satisfied with the growing traffic to your website. However, the volume alone does not benefit your business yet. Analyze the quality of visits, i.e. whether they contribute to the increase in sales. In this case, Google Analytics will also come in handy.

In the Google Analytics conversions report, you can see which channel the conversions are coming from. Note chatter to use the Top Conversion Paths report for a complete picture of the situation. If we w for a complete picture of the situation to use the goal conversion report, we would determine which channel the visits were converted from.

But the user’s path to conversion is often long and complicated by many previous visits. So it is just as important where it came from for the first time. This is what we will find out by analyzing the most popular conversion paths. For example, we can see a situation where the first visit comes from search engine optimization, and the last visit comes from a conversion, such as remarketing.

It is worth investing in all channels that appear in the most popular paths, not only the latter, converting one.

It is also worth measuring visits to subpages that play a role in the sales process, offer pages, pages with contact details, pages with the company’s address, pages with prices, etc. In the case of stationary businesses, we will not measure online conversions, but we will check how many people saw the offer and the phone number, then we compare it with visits to the store or showroom and the number of calls from customers.

What else to measure in positioning?

The above list of how to measure SEO is made for website owners and administrators. This group, which you may also belong to, wants to know, above all, how and if search engine optimization helps in business development. Along the way, however, there are a number of other elements that we, the agency, are examining to assess the effectiveness of positioning, such as:

  • inbound link profile – we check it in Ahrefs
  • indexing and visibility of individual subpages on Google
  • duplication of content – for this we use tools, try, among others Sitelinera
  • visibility against the competition – we check what other phrases should be included in the SEO campaign, we analyze the competition with
  • tools: Senuto, SEMSTORM, Ahrefs, Surfer SEO.


Measuring search engine optimization from the point of view of the customer who uses this service should include an analysis of page visibility, visits, and sales. At all stages, there will be tools as well as expert knowledge. We always attach conclusions to our reports. Especially at the beginning, it is better to analyze the actions instead of the effects. So in the first few months, check what exactly the agency has done for your website.

What is website positioning?

Positioning is a comprehensive activity promoting a website on the Internet and our specialty at the same time. Thanks to search engine optimization, your website is displayed on the first page of Google search results (in the top 10). High positions in Google translate into more traffic to the website and, as a result – more sales.

The goals of website search engine optimization are:

  • improving the visibility of the website on Google
  • achieving page visibility in Google’s top 10
  • increasing the number of visits to the website
  • increasing sales

How the Google search engine and algorithm work

Why do you see these pages in Google search results and not others? Google’s goal is to provide its users with valuable and tailored content. This is possible thanks to more and more perfect algorithms that understand the content and goals of the website. Learn the most important aspects of Google’s operation and find out why website search engine optimization plays a big role in reaching the top 10.

How to add a page to Google?

Publishing a page on the internet does not automatically make it available on Google. There is so much content on the Internet that the mere creation of a website without additional promotion is of little value today. The path from publishing your page to reaching your audience on Google can be divided into several areas:

  • crawling
  • indexing
  • positioning

First, the website must be accessible to Google robots. Crawling is the process by which Google sends its crawlers to a website so that they can learn its content. It is worth knowing that sometimes, unknowingly, especially in the case of websites on WordPress, we disable the consent to visit robots on the website. Thus, the chances that the website will be displayed on Google are practically zero. However, there are cases when we intentionally block selected subpages of the website from robots. Still, these are special cases, and most of the pages should be available for Google robots.

As a result of crawling, robots index the page, i.e. add it to Google search results. This does not mean that the page will be automatically displayed in the top 10. For example, it may be visible in Google on the 30th or 130th page of the search results. Why would the algorithm display the new site on the first page of search results? You have to fight for a place at the top of Google.

Indexing is a process that takes place without our participation. We can improve it, e.g. by preparing a site map, but if we do nothing, sooner or later the page will be indexed. We can track progress in the Google Search Console in the crawl status report. If Google notices any obstacles in indexing or errors, we will also find information there. Without proper indexing of the page, there is no point in performing search engine optimization.

Positioning of websites in search engines

Even a fully indexed page may never reach the audience. There are thousands of pages on the same topic, but users are usually limited to checking sites from the first page of search results. What pages will they see? Over the years, Google has developed an algorithm that evaluates the quality and value of websites from the perspective of users as a group but also selects them individually for each of us. This means that each user sees other pages in the top 10.

What factors Google takes into account when selecting pages is a matter of guesswork. According to the official position of Google representatives, search results are personalized in terms of browsing history and location. However, some assumptions among SEO experts that the personalization may take into account the user notoriously omitting certain pages from the search results or even a short time of stay on the page.

What influences the positioning of websites? Ranking factors.

A page’s search results are influenced by ranking factors, i.e., factors that Google considers when evaluating a website. These are not guidelines explicitly defined by Google but actions based on the SEO experience. Over time, as Google’s algorithm changes, so do ranking factors. Some actions cease to be effective or may even contribute to the imposition of a filter on the website by Google. None of these actions is a recipe for success and should be viewed as a guideline, not a rule. We can divide the ranking factors into:

  • on-page – activities within the website
  • off-page – off-page activities, including link acquisition
  • usability / functionality – activities aimed at improving the user experience on the website

Off-page factors:

  • The number of domains the links come from
  • The number of linked pages
  • Link text (anchor)
  • Alt Tag on photos with incoming links
  • Links from .gov and .edu domains
  • The authority of the linking party
  • Linking domain authority
  • Links from competitors’ websites
  • Links from pages of dubious value, the so-called bad neighborhood
  • The authority of the home page on the linking site
  • Nofollow links
  • Age of the domain from which the links come from
  • Domain age
  • Phrase in the domain name, preferably as the first word in the domain name
  • Domain history
  • Exact match domain (domain name = keyword)
  • Domain Authority
  • URL length
  • Domain Trust / Trust Rank
  • Server location
  • SSL certificate
  • Diverse types of links
  • Links from 301 redirected sites
  • Internally linked phrases between subpages
  • Title of the link
  • The location of the link in the text
  • Location of the link on the website
  • Thematic compliance with the content available under the linking domain
  • Thematic compliance with the content of the page from which the link comes
  • A phrase in the form of the name of your brand / page in the title of the linking page
  • Regular increase in links to the website
  • Links from sites with high authority
  • Links from the sources section on Wikipedia
  • Age of links
  • Natural link profile
  • Cross-linking with other sites
  • Links from User Generated Content
  • Links from redirects 301
  • TrustRank of linking pages
  • The number of outbound links from the page
  • Links from the forum
  • The volume of the content from which the link comes
  • Quality of the content from which the link comes
  • Site-wide links, available from every subpage
  • Public information about the domain in the WhoIs system
  • Penalty imposed on the domain owner in WhoIs

On-page factors

  • Phrase in title
  • The phrase is the first word in title
  • Phrase in description
  • Phrase in heading h1
  • The volume of content on the page
  • Active table of contents on the page
  • Content saturation with keywords
  • Additional words in the content building its subject
  • Words that build the subject of the content in title and description
  • The merits of the content
  • HTML-based page loading speed
  • Page loading speed based on data from Chrome
  • Duplication of content
  • Canonical links
  • Optimization of photos and graphics on the website
  • The scope of updating the content on the website (large vs. small changes)
  • History of changes on the site
  • The content of the keyword in the first 150 characters of the text
  • Phrases in headings h2, h3, h4
  • The quality of outbound links
  • Thematic compatibility with the pages you link to
  • Correctness of texts – grammar, spelling, typos
  • Copying content from other sites (e.g. manufacturers’ sites)
  • Adapting the website to mobile devices
  • Website functionality on mobile devices
  • No access to relevant content on the mobile device
  • Additional, useful content to supplement the text on the page
  • Content in drop-down text boxes
  • Number of outbound links
  • Graphics, video and other multimedia content
  • Number of internal links pointing to the subpage
  • The quality of internal links pointing to the subpage
  • Broken links
  • HTML errors, no W3C validation
  • Numbered lists, bullets in the content
  • Page age
  • User-friendly website design
  • Valuable content that benefits users
  • Contact page
  • Site architecture
  • The frequency of adding new content to the website
  • Addition of a sitemap
  • Publication of the privacy policy and website regulations
  • Duplication of metadata
  • Crumb menu
  • Materials embedded from Youtube

User interaction factors – increasing the user experience on the website:

  • RankBrain
  • CTR in Google for strategically most important phrases
  • Google CTR for all phrases
  • Bounce rate
  • Traffic from the direct channel
  • Returning users
  • Pogosticking, i.e. escaping from a page and choosing another one in search results
  • Blocked pages
  • Bookmarking a page in Chrome
  • Number of comments
  • Time spent on the site

What is SERP?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page and stands for Google Search Results. The appearance of search results in recent years has undergone a revolution

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Search engine optimization, Marketing, SEO in Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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