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How to increase sales during the holiday season?

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How to increase sales during the holiday season?


Customers prefer online shopping

According to Google, the 2018 holiday season has been the best period in retail history in more than a decade. For the first time, more than half of all purchases and more than half of the time spent shopping took place on the Internet. If you sell or promote your products on the Internet, this is essential news for you. People want to save visits to overcrowded stores, avoid annoying queues, and quickly check product reviews and compare prices.

Equally important is the fact that customers are increasingly shopping on mobile devices. Compared to previous years, Google recorded an increase in purchases on mobile devices, reaching 27%. This data is really food for thought. The revolution in online sales that started a few years ago has gained a very dynamic pace.56 % of the time we spend shopping is done online61 %  of online purchases are made on mobile devices60 % of buyers purchase via mobile applications *

When to start your holiday campaign?

You will achieve the greatest efficiency by planning your activities well in advance. Customers start thinking about Christmas shopping as early as October. At the same time, less than 70% ** of people admit that they have unfinished purchases in the last week before Christmas. Sellers aim to reach both consumers who buy much earlier and those who leave their purchases until the last minute. The period of intensive promotional activities should therefore last from October until the New Year. Statistics show that 86% of people who shop between Christmas and New Year’s Eve are still looking for products related to the holidays. So take advantage of the sustained demand at the end of December.

Christmas shopping and mobile devices

According to our agency’s internal statistics, about 70-80% of users click on Facebook ads via smartphones. At the same time, with Google Ads campaigns, we observe a significant increase in phone calls made after clicking on an advertisement on a mobile device. Life on the run and the multitude of duties before Christmas additionally encourage you to shop in the so-called in the meantime. Buying on the way to work or during a lunch break is already standard. That is why it is necessary to use the potential of mobile devices during the holiday season. A one-second delay in loading the page may result in a decrease in conversion from a mobile device by up to 20% ***. First of all, the loading time should be as short as possible. The user has to move comfortably and quickly on your side, and her appearance should be attractive and inviting. What else can you do? Of course, ensure a short and comfortable shopping path. To do this, use the auto-complete forms but the price for each product and make sure that the “Add to cart” button is on the visible part of the screen—also, opt-out of interstitial ads that irritate the user. 

Be visible and get a new customer

The holiday shopping season is a great opportunity to reach a new customer with your offer. Customers looking for ideas for Christmas gifts are more likely to buy from companies they didn’t know about before. Therefore, at the end of the year, you can choose campaigns promoting the brand and campaigns to acquire customers. In the last quarter, customers are also more likely to search for products using more general phrases, such as “dad’s gift,” “baby gift,” “Christmas gift,” so it is worth adding more general searches in the results. You can analyze your phrases with the Keyword Planner and expand their scope if necessary.

The popularity of video messages is growing steadily. A potential customer is looking for gift ideas and product recommendations on Youtube. You can reach a new customer by adding and promoting virtual in-store videos or seasonal product guides. Of course, the content displayed must be as interesting, inspiring, and engaging as possible.

Increase your online and offline sales

The competition before Christmas is fierce, so you need to convince the potential consumer to choose you.

  • Remind customers about the most attractive products from your offer
  • Offer attractive promotions and offers and make them visible
  • Make new potential customers into new customers by using remarketing capabilities
  • If you run a physical store, be sure to update opening hours and location information
  • Inform about the most wanted services (e.g. gift wrapping, organization of holiday events)
  • Use location options in online campaigns to encourage customers to visit your brick-and-mortar store when you expect more traffic, e.g. on weekends, in the last week before Christmas.

Remember not to act chaotically. The effectiveness of your actions depends on a well-thought-out strategy. The number of tools that can help you achieve success is huge and can be overwhelming at times, especially in the pre-holiday season – it is worth using the help of specialists.

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