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How to grant access in Google My Business? We explain step by step.

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How to grant access in Google My Business?  We explain step by step.

How to grant access in Google My Business? We explain step by step.


Google My Business is an online showcase of your business and often – the first source of information about many potential customers. It is worth taking care of the fact that the business card is complete and up-to-date. Who can add and edit its elements? The Moja Firma panel can be managed by many people, e.g., the company owner and a cooperating SEO agency. For the business card to be administered by third parties, it is necessary to grant the appropriate permissions. What can these rights be, and how can access be granted? We explain!

What permissions can you give?

3 types of users are allowed to modify the listing:

  1. OwnersEach business card has one main owner, although there may be more owners. Their permissions are identical, but the primary owner cannot remove himself from the listing, unless he transfers the primary owner’s permissions to another person. Each owner user can add additional users without having to provide them with a password.
  2. ManagersTheir powers are similar to those of the owners. They just can’t perform activities that require a specific permission level, such as deleting a listing or managing users.
  3. Location managersThey have most of the powers of managers. However, they cannot edit all information about the company.
How to give access to the Google Maps listing?

Granting permissions is simple and quick. You can do it on any Android device, computer, or iPhone / iPad.


Log in to Google My Business ( https://www.google.com/intl/pl_pl/business/ ) using your data.


In your panel, find the “Users” section. If you are using a computer, it should be on the left side of the panel.


Click “Add Users” and enter the email address of the person you want to grant access to. Highlight the desired role: Owner, Manager, or Location Manager. Click “Send” or “Invite” depending on the device you are using.NOTE: The e-mail address should belong to Gmail.


An invitation will be sent to the e-mail address provided. You just need to accept them.

PS: In the “Users” field, you can also remove owners and managers. Only the owners are authorized to do so.Tags: Google, Google Maps

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