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How to find a good marketing agency?

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How to find a good marketing agency?  What to pay attention to when choosing it?

How to find a good marketing agency? What to pay attention to when choosing it?


To appear on the market, increase sales, and list its customers, each company should take appropriate steps on the Internet. Unfortunately, the mere presence on the web is not enough to achieve success, and improper activities can bring about the opposite effects to those intended. This is why entrepreneurs should consider working with an external marketing agency. The modern economy is filled to the brim with offers from marketing companies. Finding an agency that will reliably and effectively deal with promotional activities and run advertising campaigns is a real challenge! The matter is not made easier because each agency convinces itself about its creativity, innovation, and efficiency. It is not surprising that it is difficult to make the right decision in such information chaos so that the funds invested in an advertising campaign bring the expected effect. So how do you make the right choice of marketing agency? What to pay special attention to?

Goals and Needs
As an entity wishing to find and hire an agency, you should, first of all, clearly define your goals and needs. What type of agency you are looking for will largely depend on this. Different scope of responsibilities awaits the agency, whose task will be comprehensive service of the newly launched business, and another when it comes to, for example, warming the image of a brand that has been operating on the market for many years. The more detailed and extensive the scope of a marketing agency’s services, the more likely it is that many specialists work there. The agency is also well proven by hiring specialists
in the field of SEO and website development. Thanks to this, we will be able to use a wide range of solutions and obtain help on several levels.
Then it is worth establishing a hierarchy of the importance of individual activities. Thanks to the set order of tasks, you will have the basis for monitoring the proper course of the marketing campaign. Professional marketers should also very clearly explain to their clients how their actions will translate into specific effects. If you get the full punk picture, you will tell the level of professionalism of a given agency and whether real professionals are working there.

Another important thing that you definitely pay attention to is the amount you can spend on marketing activities. A precise budget will not only allow you to control campaign expenses but also shorten the list of potential contractors. However, be aware that price often goes hand in hand with quality. Therefore, it is not worth choosing the cheapest agency carrying out orders anyhow. Unfortunately, such a solution results in the necessity to spend a larger amount than initially assumed. The experience
and reliability of the marketing agency are much more important. When making your choice, it’s worth betting on the golden mean.

A good marketing agency should have good opinions. So ask your friends if they can recommend a trusted company to you. If someone has already used the services of an agency, he can certainly tell a lot about the quality of services provided, the method of communication, advantages, and disadvantages of such cooperation. The received recommendation by word of mouth will certainly be beneficial and will enable you to establish cooperation with a valuable brand.
However, when other people’s opinions are missing, make inquiries on the Internet. Marketing companies that are very popular and trusted will stand out from others with high ratings and positive opinions. Nevertheless, it would help if you verified them in a few places because relying on individual opinions can turn out to be very deceptive. To exclude manipulation or artificially inflated ratings, consider opinions, for example, from Google Maps, specialized industry forums, or Facebook groups.

The overall brand image of the
An impeccable and consistent image characterizes Rzetelna and its professional brand. When choosing a marketing agency, pay attention to the build quality of their own website. A certain indicator of a brand’s reputation is whether it publishes opinion-forming content on the web or is active in the industry and on social channels. All these image-creating elements make the agency not anonymous, and therefore easier to verify. Signals that make you anxious include inactive or undescribed brand profiles on social media, broken links and contact numbers, or a low-quality website.

Portfolio The
elements that best illustrate how the agency works and what orders it has performed so far is its portfolio. You can check what a given company does, sample projects, and reputable clients for whom it has worked. Marketing agencies that have cooperated with well-known brands report this fact on their website – so take a look there. Also, ask about the agency’s experience in the industry in which the campaign will be conducted, as it translates into the effectiveness of marketing activities.
Analyzing the past achievements and achievements of the agency and getting acquainted
with the results of completed campaigns will certainly allow you to eliminate those agencies that only boast about their achievements, at the same time being unable to support themselves with facts. It may also be a good idea to contact the agency’s previous clients
and ask them about the course of cooperation.

Agency Jellinek
Jellinek is an agency that has been operating in the industry for over 18 years! We work with both large and small companies, with private individuals and institutional clients. Our employees deal with effective advertising, have unconventional thinking, create innovative creations, and mature operating strategies. The team consists of talented graphic designers, coders, programmers, copywriters, social media, and online advertising specialists. We have completed many projects, conducted hundreds of promotional campaigns, positioned tens of thousands of phrases, created unique websites that you cannot pass by indifferently.
For you, we will also perform an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs, thanks to which a promotional campaign will be created bringing real profits. You can be sure that we will do our best and use the right tools to make you visible on the web and succeed. Remember that the basis of running any business is appropriate advertising, and we know it like no other!

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