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Do self-positioning sites exist?

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Do self-positioning sites exist?

Do self-positioning sites exist?


You have probably come across the theory of “perpetual motion” (Latin for “eternally moving”). Since the Middle Ages, scientists have been trying to create a self-propelled machine that, once constructed, will last forever. And although scientists have long put this concept into fairy tales, some of its reflections are still present – also in the field of internet marketing. In the SEO world, the modern name of “perpetual motion” would be “self-positioning website.” What does this term mean? And is the dream of self-positioning websites possible?

Natural positioning – what is it?

In recent years, Google has undoubtedly rewarded the substantive value of the content posted on the website. The criteria of expertise, authority, and credibility are used to assess whether a given website is trusted. In theory, this could mean that if we place many correct, useful, professional texts on the site, Google’s algorithms will take it to the sky in the elevator (read: they will take it to the top of the search results). It might seem that search engine robots are so advanced that they will judge the value of the content themselves. Then the search engine optimization process would take place naturally to some extent, without any additional action. It sounds perfect in theory, but practice shows that it’s not that rosy.

Why are the pages not positioning themselves?

Neither the website administrator nor even Google experts can predict how the algorithms will behave. Hence, relying only on the fact that the algorithms themselves will “find out” that our website is valuable is definitely not enough. It is worth remembering that:

  • Competition positions anyway

SEO activities are a priority for many companies. And rightly so. At the same time, this means that an optimized competition page may have a much better chance of good visibility than our hypothetical website filled with qualitative texts. Even if the substantive value of our texts is higher than that of the competition. High competition on the market makes it impossible to appear on Google without a professional search engine optimization service. Without reason, websites that are not positioned, in principle, never make it to TOP10 unless it concerns very niche issues and phrases or popular, opinion-forming portals filled with content that is willingly shared.

  • Good text does not make text attractive to algorithms

Writing for SEO is not that easy. The content on the website must contain an appropriate number of keywords that should be skillfully inserted into descriptions or articles. It is also worth it that the text is properly formatted. The content on the website is to prove that we act as an expert in a given field, and at the same time, must comply with the requirements of the search engine. Creating content following SEO principles requires knowledge and practice, and it isn’t easy to do without experienced people.

  • It’s very easy to make a mistake

Not knowing SEO rules, we can easily get exposed to suspicious algorithms. How? For example, by publishing copied materials on the website (even if in a given case we do not break the copyright). It may also happen that having products from our offer that are very similar to each other will place identical or almost identical descriptions on several subpages. In theory, there is no harm to this. However, from the search engine’s point of view, duplicating content is a mistake, for which we can pay with a decrease in the visibility of important key phrases.

  • External links are very important

Even assuming that we have many customers satisfied with our products or services, it does not automatically mean that they will share links to our site on forums or portals. And it is worth knowing that qualitative external linking is critical in a situation of high competition. Internet users are more likely to share on the Internet what they did not like. And even if their opinion is positive, leaving links is not typical or natural for them. Sometimes it may happen that a positive review was shared by, for example, a blogger – here, the chances of a link are greater. However, web developers unfamiliar with SEO rules can link to our site using the phrase: “If you want to see their offer, click here.” This “here” does not give Google robots any information about the subject of the subpage. And yet, based on the quality of URLs appearing on the Internet, Google robots judge its usefulness. Without external linking, it isn’t easy to make key phrases visible.

  • Content is not everything

We have already mentioned the substantive quality of the content here several times. However, the scope of SEO activities includes a lot of work within site. Usually, these are technical tasks. Optimization of graphics, URL-i, page loading speed, the correctness of the mobile version, meta tags, meta descriptions, and many other elements is carried out. Without the proper knowledge, it isn’t easy to take care of such important details.

Search engine optimization is a very dynamic field. New algorithm updates sometimes require quick reactions from SEO specialists to maintain the site’s visibility or to respond quickly to downturns; therefore, once the optimized page does not give us any guarantee that the position of the phrases there will be maintained.

  • Google likes traffic

Something must be happening on your site for your site’s rank to increase. Therefore, in search engine optimization dams, blog content is placed, or sliders are modified. Beautiful, correct, but a dead page is not attractive to Google robots. One-time optimization will not make the website climb to TOP10 on its own. Building a position requires cyclical activities spread over time.

Self-positioning website – let’s not fall for it

Of course, there is a good chance that we can improve the visibility of the site ourselves. However, professional search engine optimization is necessary for clear and long-term effects, combining comprehensive on-site and off-site activities. Let this example of search engine optimization effects for one of our clients serve as proof:

The chart shows how the position of key phrases and traffic increased after starting SEO activities.

It is worth activating vigilance in order not to fall for dishonest companies. When we come across the style of “We will create a self-positioning page for you,” – do not get euphoric. Usually, this means only a one-time optimization, which will certainly not provide the domain with visibility for months and years. And yet, every entrepreneur cares about long-term results, not a momentary jump in website traffic.

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