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Communication with the client in the social media of the hotel industry

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Communication with the client in the social media of the hotel industry


It seems that the concept of “Customer Experience” should be familiar to most entrepreneurs. After all, our Singaporean “Customer our Lord” has a similar application. So why has the hotel industry experienced crises so often recently? We decided to look at the practices that this industry will gain, not lose, customers.

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It is worth encouraging your guests to share their opinion about their stay. Of course, good feedback works as a magnet for customers, but bad feedback will allow you to look at the problems. Thanks to them, you can avoid repeated complaints and negative opinions. Try to talk to guests while they are still there. Let them share their opinion about the hotel with you. A good time for such conversations is the moment of checking out when the guests have already formed an opinion. Few people will admit that they have been bothered by something, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. After such an interview, guests will surely take into account how important their opinion is to you.

It also doesn’t hurt to encourage them to give good grades with sticker-like help. You can place them on mirrors in the room or the bathroom. Not without reason, many places also place them on the door. Typically, they get visitors’ attention by saying: “Reviewed on the world’s best travel site, Tripadvisor” or “We’re Booked.”

Example of a hotel page on TripAdvisor website

Bad feedback – how to deal with it?

Sometimes a negative opinion appears on your hotel profile. What can you do with it? In the beginning, it is necessary to analyze who the criticism may come from. If from a hotel guest, then the first reaction should be an apology. Even if you don’t think the review is legitimate, the word “sorry” will have a calming effect on the visitor. Later, you can ask for the details of the inconvenience that happened to him. Finally, express your sympathy and reassure the guest that they will not encounter a similar situation the next time they visit. The diagram above is a summarized 5P method which includes the following:

  • apologize
  • admit your mistake
  • prepare
  • correct yourself
  • make up

Another situation is when people who have never been your guests give negative feedback. You can ask them publicly about the date of stay to confirm when the situation took place. You will probably not get an answer, and the silence of the “visitor” will be interpreted as a lack of commitment to solving the matter.

What never do? Do not use profanity, insult guests, do not assume that the person was not a guest without checking the list, do not threaten the police and legal regulations. This will act as a blanket for a bull and lead to unpleasant situations.

A good example of reacting to the crisis is the situation of a Singaporean fanpage. One day, several dozen comments with one star appeared on their website. None of the evaluators were clients of the company. Thanks to the intervention of Internet users, the situation was clarified fairly quickly. It was enough for the administrator to write a private message to those people (actually Spanish residents!) Who was asked about the rating? Many of them replied that they did not give a rating and did not know why it was on this fanpage. The feedback was easily removed, and the company regained its good image. Perhaps without contacting the evaluators, it would not have been possible to solve this puzzle until today.

Make it easy to rate.

How many times have you dropped out of grading just because the process itself was too long and arduous? Perhaps the small amount of feedback on your profile is due to this situation. The writing process itself is quite time-consuming, making it as easy as possible for your guests to express their opinions. First, add a review space on your website. This is the first place guests come to when they want to find out about your hotel.

Second, avoid anonymous feedback, but make it easier for users to log in with the option via Facebook or Gmail, for example. Creating a new account, only for one-time action, will not appeal to many people.

Third, moderate the comments. It is not about removing the negative and approving the positive. Each opinion is valuable as long as it is not spamming or deviating from the topic. Try to respond to negative opinions instead of pretending that you have never seen them. This proves the credibility of the place. After all, not everyone has to like it with you.

Make it easy for your guests to comment on social media. Create posts to remind you of this opportunity and award perks. If you are fighting for every opinion, offer the commenting guests a surprise on your next visit. This will surely show them that a few minutes devoted to your hotel will definitely pay off.

Booking website

Check the credibility of reviews

FakeSpot.com is a tool thanks to which each of us can check whether the reviews about the hotel (including, e.g., restaurants) are credible. In Singapore, it works best on Tripadvisor and Yelp. Analyzes customer behavior and comments. Take into consideration:

  • money transactions (card payment)
  • date of stay
  • writing style (grammar, linguistic correctness)
  • dependencies that occur with other user opinions

The tool, therefore, analyzes the opinions in detail. Thanks to this, you can check, for example, which come from jealous competition. How? FakeSpot checks the dependency of all opinions issued by the user. Even if they are issued from different accounts, they can be linked by a writing style that betrays each of us. Incredible for the tool are also reviews added from an account that does not have a history longer than one comment.

Why is it worth taking care of good opinions? Please read about it in our text: The stars in 2017 are awarded not only by the Michelin guide. You will learn how the number of stars influences the perception of your company by customers.

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How does SEO work in Singapore?

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Is a search engine optimization website beneficial?

Web SEO helps to attract visitors across vast distances to our site. The expenses of obtaining a customer through internet search results may be far less than sponsored advertising. A well-arranged SEO strategy has a beneficial effect on the transformation of the site. The site’s location for certain queries, from the long tail to medium and cash, also ensures the trust of our customers.

When may optimization benefits of the search engine be expected?

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How long is SEO going to take?

It is not simple to answer this unequivocally.
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How many phrases can you identify in Google?

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Optimizing search engines for a limited number of keywords is generally beneficial if the website is not yet fully established.
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How can the search engine optimization benefits be verified?

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Analysis of the number of organic search results on-site visits (available in Google Analytics, among others),

2. Key sentences that lead visitors to the website analysis (available in combination with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Ahrefs),

3.Measure the prominence of the website in natural search results (a good tool for this action is, e.g., Senuto),

4.Click-through Rate (CTR) study for each query which leads the search results to show the page,

5. Analyzing the website’s average position for a particular query (among other things accessible in Semstorm).

Will my website achieve Google’s top positions?

There are numerous variables to address this issue.
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It isn’t easy to anticipate that after a week or even a month of optimizing, the website appears in top places in Google.
However, is your business website likely to get TOP 3 and TOP 10 views?
Certainly yes! Yes!

What is the scope of an SEO audit?

During the SEO audit, we examine all the most significant factors that influence the ultimate search engine rank of the website.
We attempt to identify places to make adjustments.
Search engine optimization concerns the quality of the content and the website itself, which should be readable for search engine robots in an ideal situation.
The SEO audit examines the addresses of subpages, the metadata (mostly title and description tags), the page code responsible for load speed, and search engine robots’ readability.
The content – the saturation with keywords, the right distribution of information on the website, and internal and external connections are of the utmost significance.

What is the optimization of the website?

Optimizing the website may be split into two major tasks:
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Optimization of content – creation of descriptions using chosen keywords.
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