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Colors in marketing and their impact on customers

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Colors in marketing and their impact on customers


As many as 80% of recipients associate the brand with the color it uses. It proves how much you can do by choosing the right color combinations for your company. It is not only an aesthetic matter – colors are powerful, and when used properly, they can significantly affect the customer …


At the very beginning, it is important to realize that colors will not work the same for every customer. It all depends on who he is – the way he perceives colors is influenced by gender, age, and even cultural differences. Women notice more colors than men; younger people prefer vivid and intense shades, while older people choose more muted tones. It is also worth knowing that a given color may be perceived differently in different parts of the world – for example, we associate white with innocence, but it is the color of mourning in the Far East.


Several colors are especially willingly used in promotion due to their action and impact on humans.


Bile means joy, optimism, and energy. It is related to happiness and intellect. Because it is very positively associated with the sun, it is often used in the travel industry and advertising products for children. This color evokes pleasant feelings and introduces a nice atmosphere, so it is worth using it to promote pleasant products. It stimulates the taste buds, which is why it is sometimes used in fast food – a perfect example is the world-famous yellow letter “M,” which is the McDonald’s logo. However, this color is not a good choice for prestigious goods.

This is the most famous letter “M” in the world – the McDonald’s logo


It is an intense color associated with emotions. It stands out from the crowd and attracts attention, so it is often used to inform about promotional campaigns. Red awakens energy, motivates us to act and make quick decisions. For this reason, it is best used as an accent to stimulate action – it is often used in CTA buttons.

Red emphasizes emotions associated with war, strength, threat, passion, love, and determination. It works well when advertising sports cars, games, or energy drinks – an example is the Red Bull logo.

Red Bull, a popular energy drink, uses red in its identification


Therefore, this combination of yellow and red contains the energy and joy characteristic of both of these colors. It focuses the recipient’s attention but also stimulates the appetite. This is why it appears so often in the food industry. As a color especially liked by young people, Orange is also used to promote products aimed at young people.

Dunkin ‘Donuts, now Dunkin’, a popular donut chain, puts its bet on orange.

Like Orange, a network that wants to be perceived as modern.


Green is associated with nature, tranquility and evokes positive feelings in customers. It is the most eye-friendly for our eyes. It symbolizes harmony, freshness, growth, and fertility. It is also reminiscent of safety, which is why it is used in advertisements to emphasize the harmlessness of products and food and medicines – their natural origin.

The logo of Android, a popular smartphone operating system, is green, as is the Natura drugstore chain. 


This color has a calming effect. It does not cause negative associations; it inspires confidence, but at the same time, suppresses the appetite. For this reason, it is better not to use it in catering industries. Blue is perfect for identifying cosmetic products related to purity, water, sky, and air.

The Nivea brand is associated with trust and high quality and has been using blue in its logo for many years.


Although black is not very pleasant for many of us and brings to mind mourning and death, it is also a mysterious, luxurious and elegant color. For this reason, it is perfect for advertising classic and prestigious products. It also fits well with other colors so that it can be used as an additional color.

Black used in the identification of Adidas and Mercedes effectively strengthens their reception as prestigious products. 

Color combinations

It is not always possible to find only one color and its derivatives in advertising or corporate visual identification. Often, brands decide to combine several colors, but you need to be careful. Too many shades used and too high saturation may cause tiredness in the recipient and thus opposite to the desired results.

An example of the use of several colors can be the well-known Google or eBay logos.

Choosing the right colors when creating the company’s visual identity and creating a promotional campaign is of great importance. It is not only about important aesthetic issues, but choosing a shade that does not match the product can produce opposite results. Therefore, it is worth considering the issue of choosing colors very carefully.


The most important issue is the selection of appropriate colors that will evoke associations or motivate the client to take a specific action. However, it is worth remembering about aesthetics. When choosing colors, it is safest to focus on one to three not to cause chaos. To create harmony and make sure that all the colors match, it’s best to use the color wheel. There are three proven ways to choose colors: colors adjacent to each other in a circle, complementary colors, i.e., those lying on opposite sides of the circle, and contrasting colors, which mark the vertices of an isosceles triangle inscribed in the color wheel.

It’s also worth knowing that design trends are changing. Once upon a time, tonal transitions were not used in visual identification, but nowadays, brands increasingly focus on this type of solution. In this way, you can aesthetically combine different colors or several shades of one.

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