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8 tricks for creating a good article title for your company blog

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Are you wondering why the users who found your company’s website do not want to read the articles you write for them? The answer to this question can be very simple. If the entries do not attract attention from the first second, the likelihood of reading them is minimal. The magnet for the readers – apart from the topic tailored to the target group – is usually the title. Below you will find 8 tricks on how to make Internet users read content on your company blog!

Start with an idea

In my previous article, I showed 15 inspirations for finding ideas for articles for a company blog. So the stage of looking for an idea for an entry is already behind you. Now it’s time for the title. I can write here that it should be attractive, catchy, interesting, specific. Nice … But none of these empty adjectives come out for you, do they? As a content guest, I like to offer solutions, not just mention them. Therefore, below I have collected specific methods – along with examples – that will help you create titles in such a way that they are more likely to be clicked and eye-catching. What do you absolutely need to remember?

  1. It’s good to include a number in the title . The counting books convey a specific message. The user knows exactly how much advice you give him or how to solve the problem that is bothering him. In addition, the numbers simply stand out from the text and draw attention.
  2. Remember about Call to Action . Phrases such as: Check , See , Learn to more.  A CTA is a promise that you can easily associate with the use of benefit language .)
  3. A good clickbait is a substantive clickbait . Do not play “sweetheart promises.” If the article is not related to the title, and in addition, it turns out that its content only collects obvious facts that everyone knows, there is a high probability that the user will become alienated from your brand.

How to create eye-catching titles?

Solve your clients’ problems

Content marketing is intended to provide solutions that will be useful on a daily basis. As an experienced person in a specific field, make everyday life easier for users, not the other way around. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Therefore, in topics for articles, include:

  • ways of operation : 5 Ways to tasty sandwiches for children ; Check out 3 ways to keep your wardrobe tidy ,
  • ready-made advice : 3 tips that will increase your efficiency at work ; Learn 5 effective tips that will be useful when driving a car in winter,
  • ideas : Check out 7 ideas for a cheap change to your bedroom ; 3 original ideas for preparing tasty coffee .

A title containing the above protips may also consist of a question and answer : Don’t know what to wear this winter? Meet the 3 trends of designers from Italy; Home remedy for colds? Check out 5 products your grandma used; How to choose the right pants with the jacket? Find out what the stylists say .  

Trends, seasonality and important occasions

The thing about trends is that they don’t last forever. In turn, many services are distinguished by their seasonality. What to do with a blog and how to effectively connect one to the other? You don’t have to go to Pudelka or be a fan of a well-known influencer on Instagram to follow the current trends. Articles about a specific fashion will prove themselves not only in the beauty and fashion segments.Summaries and predictions of various phenomena that may appear in a given industry are always a bull’s eye.You don’t have to create them only at the beginning or end of a given year. The year is divided into months, quarters. And we also have weather-related seasons. The searchability of many phrases depends on the upcoming holidays. Gifts for Christmas, menus for a New Year’s Eve party or trips abroad for Easter are popular at specific times – and then it is worth presenting such content to users – already in the title. In addition to “Check what colors will be fashionable in spring 2020. Take a look in your wardrobe! ” or “What facial treatments are worth using this winter?” , you can use trends, for example, in the automotive industry: “Which car premieres are worth waiting for in the second half of 2020?”. There is no industry in which you do not take advantage of seasonality. You just need to think about what exactly fits your business. As you can see, there are many ways to “bite” trends. Certainly, more are appearing in your head now.  

Opposites and contrasts

Apparently opposites attract. Is it true? Answer yourself. However, I know that they are great for blog topics. If you are a photographer and if your competition is writing about What should wedding photos look like , then show What to avoid during wedding sessions ! I know from experience that it is often easier for recipients to learn something when they are pointed out to potential errors, not to the ideal state. What it comes from? I believe that there are two reasons for this – that everyone makes mistakes, but everyone is afraid of them. Briefly speaking – deny it, but be careful! Who knows, maybe it will be a good idea in your industry. Among the opposites and contrasts, also use the most popular onesmistakes and bad habits .

Selection of similar products or services

It’s about grouping key phrases under the topic. You can distinguish them primarily based on the characteristic features of the products , such as:

  • color : white dresses, white T-shirts, white pants: White – the color of summer 2019. Check the offers of the XYZ store! ,
  • type : disposable, reusable, cloth diapers, ecological: Which diapers to choose – disposable or reusable? Get to know the opinions of experienced moms ,
  • Equipment elements : 3 most popular cars with automatic transmission in Poland. Is it worth buying them? ,
  • purpose , eg. lawn mower, pruning shears, scissors: 3 tools to help in preparing the garden in the spring .


For decades, people have been living under constant purchasing pressure. The choice is getting bigger and hence more difficult. Which phone to buy for grandma? What pillow is best for a wife who usually sleeps on her back? Users “ask” Google about trivialities as well as more serious topics – even those affecting their health or finances . The title of the post indicating the comparison available in the article will definitely encourage you to click – Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or iPhone XS Max ?; The classic problem of vacationers. Holidays at the seaside or in the mountains?


Curiosity is supposedly the first step to Hell. However – in my opinion – it is worth forgetting about it for a moment and trying to evoke it in the readers. Let them know in the title that you have prepared a ranking – for example mountain bikes up to PLN 2,000, running shoes for beginners, or the healthiest food for older dogs.  

Interesting facts

If you are an expert in an industry, you can definitely share information that most people do not know – including your potential customers. Present them in the form of interesting facts : What is worth visiting in Poznań? 3 interesting places for a weekend trip ; You won’t believe how good Cameroon coffee can taste; 3 facts you didn’t know about yerba mate .

Step by step

Show users how to step by step : How to configure the router correctly in 3 easy steps? Get to know the expert advice . You can also associate it with the DYI principle – Do It Yourself, which will prove useful not only in DIY. What phrases should I use?

  1. Check (…),
  2. Find out how (…) / Find out more about (…),
  3. See (…) now / today,
  4. Meet (…),
  5. Everything you need to know about (…),
  6. Hits on (…),
  7. Trends 2019 (…),
  8. (3) ideas for (…),
  9. With what (…)?
  10. Which (…)?
  11. Is it really worth it? (…) We answer / advise!
  12. Experts / specialists (…) indicate (…),
  13. (…) Is the basis.

Plus, write down which words make the title appealing:

  • the latest,
  • effective,
  • Original,
  • homemade,
  • checked,
  • unique,
  • creative,
  • fashionable,
  • interesting,
  • valuable,
  • necessary…

and many more!

What’s next?

As with the article idea list, I didn’t compile all the tricks for catchy titles. There are many ways to do them, so you should also discover them on your own. Or actually… a keyboard. What I encourage and persuade you to do! In the next post, I will discuss the issue of formatting the content on the blog subpage in terms of User Experience. You will learn what the perfect article should look like and whether it even exists …

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