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3 reasons why you should invest in English content

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Have you decided to introduce your brand to foreign markets? Or maybe you already operate outside Poland, but the sales results are not satisfactory? In both of these situations, you need English-language content for your corporate website. In this article, you’ll find out why you should implement the English version of your website. Are you ready to see what benefits it can bring you?Do you want to get a quote for creating English content?Check our offer English is used by Internet users from all over the world, not only native speakers of this language. Through English content, you can enlarge the group of potential customers many times over. It is worth speaking to your audience in the lingua franca of global communication if you want to attract as many of them as possible. Regardless of whether you are planning a large-scale expansion or just entering several foreign markets – thanks to the content in English, new opportunities will open up for you.

Acquiring audiences and building a community on a global level

The company website is the main tool for presenting your brand and offer. You talk about your history, activity and assortment. You answer the needs of consumers in the FAQ section. You create the user experience – both those who have just discovered you and those who have been with you for a long time. If you make sure that all subpages are in English, you will have a real chance to build a community of customers from around the world around your company.

Creating a positive image

They say that everything sounds better in English – from brand and product names to song lyrics. This is, of course, a generalization, but it is true that the English-language version of the site is an image asset. Why? First of all, professionally prepared English content is one of the ways to associate recipients with professionalism and prestige. If potential customers see a website that clearly shows that the company operates internationally, it has a positive effect on their brand perception. In this way, you make an impression not only on foreign Internet users and potential customers – also those present from Poland will appreciate that you are developing, that you are credible and that you can present yourself appropriately.Importantly, each subpage should be equally professionally and carefully prepared – so that a foreign-language recipient can easily navigate the site and find all the necessary information. Then there will be no doubt that it is dealing with a serious company and not a “shell”.This is related to another positive effect of implementing content in English – an increase in trust in the brand. If, thanks to well-written texts in English, you comprehensively present your offer to consumers, the chances that you will convince them to use your service or buy a product will increase.

Increase in traffic, conversion rate, sales results

The previous two arguments seem a bit general to you? Time for specifics! Take a look at the measurable parameters that can be positively influenced by content in English.  First, high-quality content attracts users without investing in paid advertising such as Google Ads . This way, you increase traffic to your website – and the more hits, the better your chances of growing your customer base and converting. This, in turn, helps you achieve your sales goals. Optimized content is better indexed in Google’s algorithms, thanks to which the company’s website is rated as more reliable. Placing key phrases and links in the texts on the website helps to improve the position in the search results. It’s not worth spending money on advertising campaigns if you haven’t taken care of high-quality content beforehand. This is just as important to the search engine robots as it is to your potential customers.  What tabs should English content be in? Mainly in:

English content – how to do it right?

Now that you know WHY you create English content, it’s time to answer the question HOW to do it. Below you will find 3 basic rules for preparing texts for a website.

1. Bet on professional SEO copywriting

When preparing the content for the website, you should equally take care to adapt it to the needs of Internet users and the requirements of search engine robots. That is why it is best to choose an experienced marketing agency for this task that has the necessary knowledge and adheres to good SEO copywriting practices . This way you can be sure that users will rate your site highly, but Google’s algorithms will also do. 

2. Take care of proofreading by a linguist or native speaker

All content that is to be published on your website should undergo additional correction before it is implemented. A qualified linguist or native English speaker is the best person to do this verification. Why? Marketing value and adherence to SEO guidelines are of course very important, but linguistic correctness should always be the basis. Only then does the content present itself professionally and inspire the trust of the audience.

3. Remember to optimize your content

Do you want your English-language website to be high in the search results and, consequently, to be readily visited? It is necessary to saturate it with appropriately selected key phrases. They cannot be accidental or translated directly from Polish. They should be selected on the basis of analysis with professional SEO tools. Thanks to them, you can check what queries are entered in the search engine by Internet users using a foreign language. The effect of using phrases? The optimized website is more visible on Google.

Bet on content that Internet users will want to read!

If you still have doubts whether you should decide to have English content prepared by professionals, I encourage you to read the article about English copywriting , which will tell you what can go wrong. It is not enough just to implement English texts on the website. They must be interesting, correct and, above all, effective. Only then will they bring your brand tangible benefits and contribute to the company’s development. So I guess it’s worth investing in professional English copywriting for your website, right?

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