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11 tips on how to choose a good SEO agency

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Have you established your own enterprise and do not know how to conquer the market? Or maybe your company’s services are suddenly not in demand? In both cases, the best solution is to enlist the help of an SEO agency. Remember that this cannot be a random unit. The fate of your business will be in her “hands.” Before you make up your mind, could you read our short guide? Thanks to it, you will learn what to look for when choosing. We invite you.

The agency of the agency is unequal

First, think about what exactly your company needs. SEO is a vast field. It is commonly accepted that search engine optimization activities consist only of increasing user traffic on the website. Nothing could be more wrong. This is just one of the features. For this to be possible at all, it is not uncommon to make several changes to your website. You need the help of qualified copywriters, proofreaders, programmers, and most of all yours. Are you wondering why? Without well-chosen phrases and perfectly written texts, it is impossible to promote the website. Moreover, there are also marketing campaigns involved. Therefore, you should choose an SEO agency that can boast of professionals. A large company can usually do more.

Research among family and friends

Your loved ones may help you make the best decision. Especially if they use search engine optimization services themselves, this solution has many advantages. First of all, you will immediately find out if a given SEO agency is effective. After all, nobody likes to pay for ineffective actions.

Search the Internet!

The best recommendation is a high position in the search engine. Since a given company has successfully positioned its own domain, the chances are that it will take care of yours just as effectively. That is why it is worth spending a few minutes finding an SEO agency on the Internet on your own. The ones that appeared first will certainly be noteworthy. To be “on the top” of the list, many wide-ranging measures have to be implemented. This proves the commitment and effectiveness of the specialists working there.

What about experience?

Yes, it is also imperative. When browsing individual SEO agency offers, check how many years of service each can boast of. The longer a given unit is in the market, the more likely it is to be successful. The agency’s experience can be the key to your company’s success.

Diverse Customers

As you already know, many years of activity on the market is important, but not the most important. It often happens that an SEO agency has unquestionable experience in its industry but has never positioned a company dealing, for example, with selling cars. Before you decide to use the services of any company, find out if it has already dealt with promoting a business similar to yours. You will then be able to check the real effect of the work. Information about clients can usually be found directly on the agency’s website. If there are only a few references in your portfolio, and each company provides similar services, keep looking. You don’t want to be a “guinea pig,” are you? An SEO contract is usually concluded for a year or longer. The first results of the cooperation should be visible after about three months. Search engine optimization is a long and tedious process that consists of many activities. It cannot be rushed. Therefore, do not choose an SEO agency hastily. Verify the offer and portfolio thoroughly. Do not be afraid to ask questions to the Sales Advisor; try to understand all aspects of the contract well. This will save you unpleasant surprises.

Own link back-up

It is as important as many years of experience. Why? Because an agency that has its own back office has more possibilities. SEO specialists can freely and additionally modify the links in any way. Why is it so important? Editing and continual improvement lead to better search engine optimization results. After all, that’s what you care about the most. If you are not sure what kind of facilities are used by the agencies you are negotiating – ask. Then take this into account when making your decisions.

 Independent actions

Unfortunately, some companies operating on the market are not directly responsible for the search engine optimization of your website. There are cases where agencies only sell SEO services, but other entities deal with them. It is worth considering the decision of search engine optimization on similar principles carefully. This can be dangerous because you don’t know who is actually promoting your site. Moreover, you have no idea how long you will have to wait for the effect or whether it will appear at all. Agencies offering such a solution often aim only at their earnings. They agree with you for a specific amount, which is always higher than the real cost of search engine optimization activities. Check the terms of cooperation carefully, read the opinions on the Internet and only then decide.

Not only SEO

The scope of services is no less important. Search engine optimization can take many forms. Most entrepreneurs choose traditional SEO. Remember that this is not the only solution. The catalog of possibilities is bursting at the seams. Some agencies, apart from promoting websites, also run customer profiles on social media. The use of Facebook and Instagram for marketing purposes can bring spectacular results. After all, a lot of people use these portals every day. Therefore, it pays off to post interesting posts that will attract new customers regularly. Another form of search engine optimization is running a corporate blog. You can describe the products on offer, make device comparisons, and create guides. It is worth taking this into account because most customers want to learn more about a given item before making a purchase decision. This way, you will combine business with pleasure. In addition, you will certainly increase the number of visits to your website. If you want to see the effect of the agency’s operation in the shortest possible time, focus on PPC advertising campaigns. This option is one of the most effective forms of promotion. It is not the cheapest one, but it is worth the price. Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign you can also quickly modify, set any budget and optimize. Decide to work with an Agency that employs many qualified copywriters. They will be responsible for creating valuable content that will facilitate the search engine optimization of your website. Specialized and good-quality texts for the website are the main pillar of SEO activities. Without them, it is impossible to promote the domain properly.

Model, form, type

Now let’s focus on the aspects that, from your point of view, may be the most important when deciding to choose an agency – costs. In principle, you cannot specify one specific amount of search engine optimization. Much depends on:

  • the same domain to be positioned,
  • industry competitiveness,
  • site status,
  • business purpose.

Finally, each agency has its own policy and action strategy. Therefore prices vary. The form of cooperation also influences it. Some agencies do not take into account the individual needs of clients. They have strictly defined rules, type of contract, and costs of activities. If the company’s representative does not want to negotiate the contract terms with you – do not waste your time. Find an agency that will adapt to your requirements and, above all, financial possibilities. Remember that you should always influence the final shape of the contract. Use the services of an agency that is open to suggestions, flexible, and comprehensive.

Transparent conditions

An individual approach to the client’s needs is one of the most important factors that should be considered when choosing an agency. Another important issue is the transparency and clarity of the contract. Clear terms of cooperation are key. An offer on a dozen or so pages may be overwhelming. All incomprehensible provisions should be explained in detail by the Advisor. Therefore, read the contract carefully. If the company you are negotiating with does not want to explain the meaning of complicated points to you, do not use its offer. Report to an agency that reliably handles conversations with clients. One where you get all the necessary information to dispel your doubts.

Reliable opinions

If you still have concerns and don’t know which SEO agency to search the internet. On various forums, portals, and social networks, you will learn many useful things and get the necessary information. You will learn the opinions of people who have already had the pleasure of using the services of a given company. These are valuable tips that will surely help you choose the best partner for your business.


After reading our key tips, you will have no problem choosing the best SEO agency. You already know what to pay attention to when making decisions and what conditions should be met by a company dealing with search engine optimization. We are sure that you will bet on a trustworthy agency.

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