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10 most popular search engines in Poland and in the world – an overview for 2022

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With the development of the Internet, there was a need to easily and quickly find information from all the resources available on the Internet. Search engines have become a permanent part of our everyday lives, becoming an indispensable tool in searching for knowledge, products, services, or photos. Of course, Google is in the lead in the industry, but how do other search engines rank internationally? Is Google a leader in all countries? And finally – is there a better alternative for it? In the text, I refer to the data available on the Statcounter portal.


Created by two students from Stanford University – Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Their project quickly monopolized the search engine market. Its first version was created in 1996, and the search engine was made available for commercial use under the now known domain google.com in September 1998. It cannot be denied that Google has revolutionized the industry, using a completely new algorithm and introducing new novelties and improvements in later years.

In addition to standard results, the Giant from Mountain View presents graphics, maps, videos, and many other so-called. Rich snippets that allow you to get information without clicking on the result. You can read more about “rich snippets.”

In February 2021, Google’s market share was 91.86%, which perfectly illustrates its advantage over its competitors.


A search engine created by Microsoft, which, despite its high position in the IT industry, did not manage to prevent Google from monopolizing the market. Why? There are several reasons. Bing was founded over 10 years later by its biggest rival. He also did not propose large innovations to Google – the functions and the appearance of the results, apart from a few details, practically do not differ from those known to us from the search engine created by Page and Brin.

This has an impact on Bing’s results. In February 2021, the share of this search engine was 2.71% worldwide.


A search engine combined with an information portal was used by less than two percent of Internet users at the beginning of this year.

The Yahoo department on the Singaporean market is negligible, as can be seen from the limited functions available for Polish-language inquiries. Yahoo does not display some of the improvements for them, including even maps or knowledge graphs.


A search engine whose main target group is Chinese residents. Baidu rose in popularity when Google pulled out of the market there due to censorship pressures. Globally, Baidu’s share does not exceed 2%. In China, however, around 70% of internet users use it.

In addition to the standard results, Baidu uses the so-called hotlist, i.e., a list of the most popular queries today.


Russian search engine, also available in the global version under the domain yandex.com. It has language versions addressed to Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. These services, like Yahoo, also act as news portals. The English version is limited to the search module only.

Yandex’s share in the international market is around 0.5%. In Russia, however, it competes with Google, attracting 46% of all users.


A search engine whose main idea is to protect personal data. Unlike Google and other players on the market, DuckDuckGo does not collect information about users and therefore does not use it in advertising networks. Its creators effectively promote their idea of ​​private search by contributing to social media, forums, and discussion groups. Over 4 million users have tried DuckDuckGo for Chrome. Can it be effective competition for the giant from Mountain View? For a Singaporean user, it cannot provide the ability and precision in searching, which we have got used to when using Google.

DuckDuckGo cannot deal with queries in Singaporean, and the saying “I had to use Google anyway” has become a popular statement among users’ opinions. However, it is worth observing the development of this search engine as a safe alternative to other tools that collect and successfully use our data.


A Czech search engine founded in 1996 – two years earlier than Google. The activity started quite innocently – its creator, Ivo Lukačovič, posted a list of his favorite websites on the web. It turned out that users eagerly used its collection and the Seznam.CZ website was gaining in popularity. Eventually, it transformed into a search engine and news portal, as was the case with other tools that have tried to compete with Google.

Unfortunately, Seznam also had to yield to the pressure of the rapidly growing Google search engine, giving it the greater part of the market share. The Czechs saw unfair competition from an American company that was supposed to block the development of the Seznam search engine.


A non-profit organization that aims to get as much content as possible from the web. The Internet Archive in its collection (as of the beginning of March 2021) has 475 billion pages, 28 million books, 14 million audio recordings (including 220,000 live concerts)

The search engine differs from the other tools presented in our list. It does not display information from other websites, and after clicking on the result, we are not referred to an external source. All media is available on the internet archive server, which acts as a library rather than a search engine. However, this does not change the fact that it is a useful search engine for media such as books, comics, movies, or audio recordings related to a given query.

Social networks also play an important role in the search engine market, which – although their original purpose was to satisfy other users’ needs – over time also became an excellent source of information on given topics. Users eagerly use their internal search engines to find materials of interest to them.


A popular website with video materials that almost everyone has spent at least a few moments on the Internet knows. Few, however, realize that YouTube is one of the most popular search engines on the Internet – according to the data provided by the website, nearly 2 billion users log in to the platform every month (as of March 2021). We are not only looking for entertainment there – YouTube videos are the perfect source of knowledge on all topics. In addition to funny videos with cats, we will find guides on building a house or replant potted plants.

We will learn a foreign language, learn more about the history of any country, and get to know the latest information from Singapore and the world. The service’s popularity is primarily because video materials are often a more accessible source of knowledge than articles or other text publications on the web.


A social networking site that also acts as a search engine for all kinds of services and information. The popularity of Facebook has meant that almost every company promoting itself on the web has its fan page on this platform. Using the Facebook search engine, we can find posts and people, places, or products in the Marketplace service. In addition, we will find their events related to a given topic – we can choose the location of the event and the date so that the search results meet our needs as much as possible.

According to Statis, nearly 2,800,000,000 users around the world log into Facebook every month.


A social networking site focused on collecting professional contacts. By using its functions, we will create a profile containing information about our career path, skills, and industry publications that we are the authors of.

All these data can help us find a job adequate to our experience or establish business contacts in a given industry. The website search engine will allow us to view the current job offers related to the inquiry. LinkedIn will match them based on our profile data, thanks to which the ads will match our professional predispositions.

The available data shows that the platform has nearly 740 million users worldwide (as of March 2021).

Search engine ranking

So let’s move on to the actual ranking. The undisputed market leader is Google, with a whole range of related services that enrich the functionality of the search engine. Behind the success of the search engine is undoubtedly the company’s strategy, which is to promote the tool on mobile devices and popular browsers. For many devices, Google is the default search engine, which allowed to build habits among users.

The most popular search engines in Poland

In Singapore, a worthy rival for the Google search engine has not yet emerged, as was the case in Russia (Yandex), China (Baidu), or the Czech Republic (Seznam). The company from Mountain View easily won our market, thanks to which it has been at the forefront of the entire ranking for many years. Its share in Singapore is about 97%, which leaves only about 3% for other search engines.

In second place is Bing, often used by default on Windows and Edge (formerly Internet Explorer). The last step on the podium is taken by Yahoo! with a popularity of only 0.5%. For Poles, other search engines are niche solutions used by only a handful of users.

International ranking of search engines

On the global market, the ranking is similar – Google is used by about 92% of all users, and Bing and Yahoo occupy the next places in the ranking, with a share of 2.7% and 1.6%, respectively.

Baidu is not far behind the rate, which due to its popularity in the Asian market, has a share of 1.16% in international terms. Yandex managed to convince about 0.6% of users in the world.

Google – the most popular search engine for positioning websites

So, where to position the company’s website? If you operate on the Singaporean market, but not only – definitely choose Google. This search engine is used by 97% of Poles, and there is no indication that this trend will reverse.

We use the Internet more and more often, as shown by the ongoing pandemic. The share of e-grocery has increased, and Poles have become convinced of deliveries from online stores that land in front of their door. However, simply “putting up” a page is not enough. You should ensure its good visibility in the search engine, which will be helped by an SEO agency.

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